What graphic design principles teach us about successful lead nurturing

Movie posters introduce titles and characters, helping you get a feel for what the movie is about. Business websites explain products and services, establishing...

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Forget read rates: Texting stats that actually matter

Most businesses hope and pray that recipients will open their emails. And for all that work and...

What rock climbing teaches me about follow-up communication

I love rock climbing. I spend hours in the gym every week and in the warmer months I take my li...

How texting helps you increase customer lifetime value

When you cultivate strong relationships with customers and foster strong brand loyalty, all whi...

7 features a business texting platform must have

You want to equip yourself, your team, and your clients with all the tools necessary to succeed...

Ready to sell to better qualified leads? Here’s how to optimize your lead nurturing

73% of leads are not ready to buy when they first give you their contact details.

Speedy response isn’t just a great customer service skill – it’s a great life skill

At Skipio, we love a speedy response. It's why we focus on SMART Automations and the like.

7 types of lead nurturing messages that you need to send

79% of leads never convert, and that's because of poor lead nurturing.

What’s your texting style?

How do your messages to leads and customers sound? Compare your style with our guide.

3 stats that point to the importance of texting when nurturing leads

When it comes to business communication, both businesses and consumers alike want responses and...

The search for new car insurance teaches you how to not nurture a lead

Not too long ago, I was in the market for new car insurance.

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