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Your customer’s
favorite way
to communicate

Email just isn't working anymore, and it's not your fault.

It isn’t your subject line, and it's not your messaging. Your customers prefer texting!

Only 2 out of every 10 emails are getting opened. Call us crazy but, 8/10 people not reading your message sounds like a problem. If you sent a text to 10 people, all 10 of them would open it! That’s the reality of a 98% open rate! We all read texts. We read them all day, we read them everywhere we shouldn’t, and it’s about time you take advantage of it. It’s time you upgrade your business line to a real 10-digit local number with the power to personally text the masses.

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Want more money? You got it!

See more money after the very first text you send out!

We’re motivated by money, motivated to get you more of it! Every strategy, every text, every feature we build is designed to increase your ability to add value to your customers and increase your revenue. With Skipio it takes less time to generate more leads, get more appointments, increase customer loyalty and retention, sell more products and re-engage past customers. If you’re not making money, we’re not happy.

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Need more time? Come get it!

The average Skipio customer saves an additional 20 hours per month in customer communication.

If you sent a text out every 30 seconds it would take over 4 hours to send 500 messages. In the time it takes you to read this short paragraph Skipio can schedule a personalized message to 1000’s of clients. Your time is way too valuable to be sitting for hours copying and pasting the same text to every customer. Save frequently used messages for quick access during future conversations. Schedule, automate, and deliver the perfect message to every individual customer with Skipio.

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Send messages from your phone or desktop. Unlimited messages.

Paying per text is just silly. Limitless texts anytime, anywhere with Skipio mobile.

You need flexibility, we get it! We want to give you flexibility in messaging and location. Schedule messages, respond to customers, get sales, get more appointments, change lives, all from your mobile phone. Our mobile app allows you to take the power of unlimited messaging with you wherever you go. Don’t get tied down, get Skipio!

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Pictures. Videos. Voicemails.

So much more than just a text.

Sometimes it takes more than just words to make an impact with your message. Send and receive pictures, videos, links and more with MMS texting. Drop a voicemail into the mailbox of your entire customer list in seconds, no ring required. Sprinkle in emojis for some happy customer bonus points.

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Join thousands of small businesses in growing their business with the most effective form of customer communication.

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