Meet some of our Team Members

Eric Vernon

Chief Operating Officer

Anna Wendt

Chief Content Writer

Joshua Daniels

Inside Sales

Katherine Murdoch

Human Resource Coordinator

Jennifer Durant

Client Success Manager

Wyn Dunford

Strengths Coach

Our Home

In the 1880s, the Star Mill converted grain to flour for Utah Valley. Fit with technology and machinery crafted by the great minds of the Industrial Revolution, the mill stood as a beacon of efficiency and innovation. Now the home of Skipio headquarters, the restored Star Mill connects the old and new as innovation continues to thrive within its walls.

Let’s build great things together!

Join us in building the future of business communication. Work with the best and brightest in the coolest office in the valley–and get free lunch while you do.

What people are saying

"A revolutionary way a business can have a personal one-on-one relationship with every customer they serve."

"There are a lot of options out there for text messaging clients, business contacts, and prospects. The trick is to find a software or service that keeps all of the correspondence organized, well-managed, and most importantly, personalized. Skipio is that software."

"Skipio is a platform that makes sending highly personalized text messages to potential and current clients easy."

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Discover how Skipio will elevate your business relationships with your customers as personalized automation broadens your horizons!

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