About this position...

Hello writer. Welcome, to the posting you’ve been waiting for.

Right now, you are probably reading the content of this job opportunity… and grimacing. That is okay. Your inner Hemingway is coming to bear and we respect you for it. You probably have writing chops that cause you to see the world in the black and white of grammatical correctness. Whether printing press or Word Press, the written world is your domain. And you control it with a 93 wpm iron grip.


We are Skipio, a text marketing company. Yes, we said text. As in, those irreverent impostors called emojis and abominations of acronyms like LOLs and OMGs. We are sorry about those. Really. We carry the burden of corrupting world communications and teenagers alike.


But there is a very serious side to our posse. We trail-blaze new paths of professional messaging. We are authoring new narratives in how businesses communicate and market to their customers. And this is where we send out a call to you, writer. Come! Saddle on up. Crack your whip of stinging vernacular to help drive the powers of Skipio to the hearts of all businessdom.


If you enjoy massaging words like a 6 year old in a play-dough factory, then we need you.  Come join our band of outlaws and misfit (marketing team) to build and educate a world on how text marketing is changing the realm of business.


Here at Skipio, we are surrounded by like minded, creative and excited team-mates. We work hard and have fun. We know your skills will be stretched and grown to compliment your contribution to our charted course. Here in the walls of our 1888 Mill, you will discover the thrill and opportunity of a life-time; to see and be apart of an organization whose impact will be marked and admired by all who see us climb and read our success… in your words.

What you’ll be doing

  • Sales copy for emails, newsletters, text campaigns
  • Marketing copy for landing pages, web pages, PR, and sizzle pages
  • Maintain and update website content
  • Blog articles
  • Scripts for video
  • Social marketing content
  • Conversion alternates for headlines and CTAs
  • Content for sales support material
  • Event and publicity word crafting

What we’re looking for

  • BA in writing or business related degree or equivalent experience
  • Writing examples showing voice and style - printed or published, online or off
  • Strong sales copy writing
  • Bonus - Experience with video scripting
  • Bonus - Experience in ad writing
  • Bonus - Collaboration with analytics
  • Bonus - Exposure to variation testing
  • Bonus - Marketing savvy
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