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Here’s how to connect with new customers straight from a Google search with click-to-message

Written by Andrew Gibson
Posted on January 17, 2018

The new Click-to-Message feature on Google My Business is a great way to connect with new customers. It provides the ability for customers who find your business listing from a Google search to message you directly. The ability to instantly start conversations and answer prospective customer questions straight from Google is a powerful tool for business owners.

Connect your Skipio 10- digit phone number and receive your messages straight to your Skipio account! With automated text campaigns and scheduled messages, connecting with your future customers is a piece of cake.  The best part is, you can get it set up in 30 seconds or less! Don’t have a Skipio account yet? Get a free demo of Skipio!

You can watch the full step-by-step video walkthrough here:

If videos aren’t your cup-o-tea, here’s how to get it all set up:

Step 1: To turn on messaging with customers, sign in to your Google My Business account at:

(Haven’t set up your Google My Business account yet? For a step-by-step walkthrough click here)

Step 2: Select “messaging” in the home menu.

Step 3: Add your Skipio 10 digit phone number.

Step 4: Confirm your Skipio 10 digit phone number.

…and You’re done! Eazy Peasy.

Now that your Google Click-to-Message is ready to go, it’s a perfect time to collect some Google reviews!

Yep, Skipio does reviews too.

90% of your future customers look at your online reviews before making a purchase. Positive online reviews add new revenue and growth, while negative reviews– and the lack of reviews drive customers away. Having recent positive reviews on major search sites pushes your company above the competition, and earns you more business.

Text “Reviews” to 858-244-2999 to learn more about Skipio Reviews!