Engaging with people on their phones is about more than texting. But it’s not about phone calls, email, or social media either. You strengthen those connections when you use a tool like Ringless Voicemail.

Perfect for when you want people to hear from you but without the time suck of having to call people individually or talk on the phone, Skipio’s Ringless Voicemail allows you to skip straight to leaving a message.

Don’t waste your time letting the phone ring or waiting for your call to be ignored. Record voicemails once to use in the future and schedule them to send to specific people at specific times.

Think about these four ways Ringless Voicemail could transform your connections and business process.


If you want to quickly remind people of a meeting, appointment, or event, you probably don’t need to talk to them. Text reminders work great – definitely use them – and voicemail does too.

So record a voicemail and schedule it to send a few days before the meeting. At the same time, write and schedule a reminder text to go out the day of.

Holiday Greetings

How great would it be if your company’s CEO had the time to personally call the most loyal customers around big holidays? Sounds pretty fantastic. With Ringless Voicemail you can do just that.

Record a message with some holiday cheer and then schedule it to send on the big day.

“We’ve Missed You” Encouragements

No matter your business, following up with current and former customers is huge. They will certainly ignore an email. And though texting can be very personal, sometimes people need to literally hear from you.

Marsha Kalakay, operational manager for three Fit Body Boot Camp gyms in Michigan, knows the importance of follow-up.

Marsha and owner Brian Kalakay, her son, found that the most effective way to get people back in the gym is through calls. At one point a single dedicated employee called past members. It took them eight hours every week.

Once they signed up for Skipio, they set up Ringless Voicemail and recorded a variety of messages. The trainers now automatically send these to members who missed a few weeks of classes. Now it takes minutes to reach out, rekindle a connection, and get people back in the gym.

Welcome Messages

A ringless voicemail sent after someone becomes a customer really helps build that personal relationship.

The support team at Homie uses Ringless Voicemail after someone finalizes the sign-up process. That voicemail along with a personalized welcome text ensures their clients know they have a team of experts waiting to help them.

Like with texts, you can send ringless voicemails to one person or many people. Just make sure that if you record a voicemail for multiple uses or multiple people that you avoid using anyone’s first name or other similar details. Otherwise you might find yourself in an awkward situation.