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A spike in

You want increased customer revenues. Turn your attention to the most opened delivery method.

open rate

Consumers need 7-10 touches with your business before buying. Touches and mobile go hand-in-hand.


The perfect sale happens when you engage your customer when they are ready to purchase.

response rate

Top of mind means that you’re just a text away when they are ready to buy.


78% of customers now demand direct access to their brands—you! Good retention is the key to your growth...

profit increase

Keep more, make more. When only a few more of your customers keep coming back
(5%), you can nearly double your profitability (by up to 95%)*.

Edge out

Offline sales gave way to online sales. Now mobile sales are the next big thing. Be among the first to the mobile market!

business texting

Rise above your competition. Take more market share. Build a relationship that your customers are asking for.

* Bain & Company, "If you can improve your customer retension by 5% you can increase your profitability by up to 95%."

Where Communication
Really Happens

Skipio leads the next technology
wave--mobile business text messaging

Nurturing your
soon-to-be customers

Help grow your relationship with future customers with intelligent drip campaigns which feel personal and run automatically. They'll feel a personal connection to your brand and be more likely to buy.

It’s not just about sending out a text. It’s about deeper relationships and getting more from your customers.

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Retention by attention

Did you know repeat customers spend more than brand new customers? Not only that, but new customers cost more to gain than old customers cost to retain. Skipio offers personal attention to existing customers when they're ready to make a purchase and helps you stay at the front of their mind. Be there when your customer is ready to buy again.

“With Skipio I am taking orders from my customers instead of chasing them down. In the short time of 7-8 months, I can personally attribute an extra $1,000,000 in PURE profit to Skipio alone”.

- D. Thielen

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