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The Mill

Built in 1888, The Star Mill has seen many entrepreneurs and business owners work, hope, and innovate for over a century. The Mill has a palpable history of business highs and lows, successes and failures. There are still dents in the grain chutes, oil-stains on the newel posts, cement-exposed silos, ladders measuring grain storage, and etchings in the wood floors from years of use and work.


The Office

The building has two major silos over three stories high. Each level of the silo has been turned into three separate conference rooms, round rooms with round tables, where all collaborations and ideas are equally considered—nobody is at the head of the conference table. The Mill’s addition is three stories of communal work space, an open space with no walls, no separation of title or department.


The Process / Culture

Skipio culture can be described in one word: Communal. There is a community energy and identity where all employees feel that they are a part of a company that is doing something that will truly help businesses, which will then benefit homes and families. Work space is communal, too. Working side by side with team members from every department in an open, creative space gives a collective focus.