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Before Skipio, the staff at Anchor Pools weren't always on the same page. But follow-up and scheduling with their clients is easier than ever with our platform.

Located in South Carolina, the Anchor Pools team builds swimming pools, performs maintenance and service, and has its own retail shop.

Having to coordinate when service was going to occur and what needed to be done started proving difficult as customers would sometimes talk with multiple staff members.

It wasn’t unusual for head of marketing Stephanie Helton to hear from confused or unsatisfied customers who hadn’t received the exact services they thought they would be getting. Or sometimes a service guy wouldn’t show up when the customer thought they would be there.

To prevent miscommunication, Anchor Pools developed a scheduling process with Skipio.

Staying on the same page

Once a customer calls to schedule a service, immediately after they receive a text confirming the appointment, time, and reason for the visit. That way it’s clearly outlined for the customer what is going to happen and when.

So if Stephanie schedules someone for pool opening service, the customer, the service team, her boss, and anybody else in the office all know exactly what’s been arranged.

After scheduled work is completed, the service person then sends photos to the customer straight from the mobile app. From start to finish Skipio helps Anchor Pools offer the best customer service.

Engaging the right way

Along with avoiding communication pitfalls, they’re saving time too. When before someone would have to spend time calling 20 or 30 customers each day to schedule and confirm appointments, now it’s done with texting in about 10 minutes.

Anchor Pools primarily uses Skipio to follow up on service, though Stephanie also adds customers to groups when they want to receive other types of texts. So whether it’s reminders for new pool owners or the announcement of sales and events, it’s easier than ever to keep customers informed.

Plus, with an 86% response rate to their texts, the staff at Anchor Pools know they are reaching people effectively.