Dream Dinners Customer Story | Food Services

With automated personalized reminders, this Dream Dinners location never has to worry about getting in touch with customers.

Dream Dinners franchise owner Marsi Haney is here to make people’s lives easier, and not just with the meals the business provides.

At Dream Dinners, staff do all the shopping, chopping, and prep for guests to come in and make complete homemade meals. They also offer premade meals for customers to pick up.

Customers choose meals online and then get a scheduled time to prep or pick up a whole month’s worth of meals. The customizable meals can then be frozen and thawed for use at any time.

But Marsi has to make sure people actually remember to place their orders and show up for appointments.

Prepping for success

When using just email to remind people to make their orders, only 20-30% of emails were being read. After learning about Skipio from a friend in a networking group, Marsi chose the platform because she knew people would rather communicate by text.

Marsi still sends emails, but she tracks which people haven’t read them and at the beginning of the new month she personally texts anyone who hasn’t placed an order. These friendly Skipio reminders help Dream Dinners stay top of mind.

Marsi receives plenty of thankful replies from customers who had simply forgotten or in some cases not even realized they hadn’t completed an order. These recaptured sales add up fast, and her customers have peace of mind knowing they’ve got an appointment to prep or pick up food.

Making meals and connections

But it’s not just about making sales and meals. The reminders to place orders and show up for prep sessions often spark further conversation. Marsi learns about the lives and needs of her guests, which gives her the opportunity to provide more flexible service.

Whether that’s changing the order so a customer can pick up fully made meals or offering a discount during a hard financial time, Marsi and her team at Dream Dinners build authentic relationships with customers.

Quick and friendly follow-up through Skipio combined with excellent service in the kitchen means everyone is satisfied.

"People will just text us like we’re their friend, you know, like we’re their neighbor. … Really it’s just being front and center with the communication with the guests. … It puts us on their to-do list at the top instead of the bottom."

—Marsi Haney, franchise owner