EvoFit Customer Story | Fitness

With Skipio handling their lead nurturing, EvoFit turned 42% of their leads into paying members.

Heather DeWitt has owned her gym for a decade now, but it wasn’t until 5 years ago that she fully dedicated herself to growing it as a business. Soon after, someone recommended Skipio and it changed how she ran her gym.

So when Heather learned about Skipio Lead Nurturing — Skipio’s in-house, white glove service for outreach and appointment setting — she saw it as yet another opportunity to grow her business.

Heather and her team already used Skipio to communicate with leads and customers and to set appointments, so she didn’t know at first whether or not it was worth handing over leads to the team of Skipio consultants. Ultimately, Heather decided to give it a shot because she’d seen how powerful the regular Skipio platform already was. After all, she really had nothing to lose.

And she's happier than ever that she did!

Because the Skipio Lead Nurturing service automatically takes care of initial outreach, appointment setting, confirmations, reminders, rescheduling, and post-appointment follow-up, Heather is able to focus on improving her marketing, lead generation, and member retention.

Handing off their lead nurturing to Skipio’s team of consultants saves EvoFit an hour or two every single day, and they began seeing that time-saving right after starting the service.

"It was a game changer. Because somebody didn’t have to be in the office every single day answering a phone. And who calls people these days? Nobody. 95% of our communication is text. Everything is Skipio. Without it I would be lost."

Heather admits that 5-7 hours each week may not seem like a lot, but using Skipio Lead Nurturing also means no one has to worry about contacting and following up with leads. They know Skipio is taking care of every single one.

And not only is Skipio Lead Nurturing saving EvoFit time, the service has helped increase their appointment set rate to 60%. Before Skipio, relying on email and phone calls and hours of manual outreach, the rate was 36%.

Of 42 recent leads, 30 of them booked appointments, 23 showed up, and then 18 of them became members.

By using Skipio Lead Nurturing, EvoFit gets all the Skipio expertise without having to put in any of the time. They’re able to fine tune and improve many other portions of the business. And that's why Heather can close so many sales.

"You don’t have to think about it. You don’t have to get creative in your messaging. You don’t have to put any energy into that."

—Heather DeWitt, owner and founder