Fit Body Boot Camp Michigan | Fitness Use Case

When they need to reach prospects, members, and trainers, the Kalakay team relies on Skipio. Learn how they utilize Skipio best.

Brian Kalakay owns three Fit Body Boot Camps in Michigan. And his mother Marsha Kalakay handles the day-to-day management of each gym as the operational manager.

Their ultimate goal? To help Michigan lose a collective 100,000 pounds by 2025.

With such a lofty goal, the Kalakays only have time to use tools that actually work. That means using Skipio to stay in contact with leads, members, and employees.

But they never have to worry about losing out on personal connections.

Raising the bar

They found that calls and voicemails were most effective for reaching out to members missing workouts. So at one point they had an employee spending more than eight hours on the phone each week.

Clearly they needed a way to personally reach out without the time commitment.

The solution? Skipio’s Ringless Voicemail.

They recorded a variety of messages that any employee could then send to members who had missed a few weeks. Without even ringing the phone. Outreach that once took hours now took minutes.

As operational manager, Marsha works closely with their 16 trainers, many of whom rent out space in Fit Body Boot Camp gyms for training sessions on the side.

To set schedules and send monthly invoices, she utilizes Skipio’s Message Library. Marsha wrote her messages one time and simply plugs them in with updated info as needed.

Following up done right

With the ability to group contacts within Skipio, she quickly chooses exactly who to follow up with, whether that’s employees, leads, or members.

The Kalakays trained all of their employees to use Skipio, and now the platform stays open at the main desk in all three locations. Everyone knows to be at the ready to respond to messages as quickly as possible.

"We use Skipio all the time. We know when we send a text that people will definitely read [it]. This has made our communication within our company and with our customers far more efficient. What used to take someone hours to do takes minutes."

—Marsha Kalakay, Operational Manager