Homie Customer Story | Real Estate

By utilizing Skipio for outreach with new clients, Homie found new ways to build better relationships and engage with more people.

The goal of Homie is to eliminate the 6% real estate commission. They help people buy and sell homes by setting them up with a whole team of agents and attorneys, guiding them through the whole process.

It’s all about transparency and affordability.

But just because everything is done through a smartphone doesn’t mean real connections aren’t being made. Homie wastes no time following up with new customers to build relationships.

To keep things personal, they use Skipio to reach out to customers who just signed up.

Humanizing real estate

Every customer receives a personalized text welcoming them to the Homie family along with a voicemail, sent with Skipio’s Ringless Voicemail tool. These messages ensure that customers know Homie has their back.

Customers learn right away that they can contact Homie through the 10-digit number and receive a quick response.

In the time between when a customer signs up and meets their dedicated agents, the sales and support team are ready and waiting to answer questions via Skipio.

Engaging the right way

There’s no doubt that Homie is right there with customers every step of the way, and their engagement proves it. The welcome message sent with Skipio has a 62% response rate. In comparison, text messages generally have a 45% response rate.

Homie’s Skipio number continues to see engagement up until the time customers get in contact with their specific teams, which is about a week. And even after that people know they can always text the number for further help.

As Homie grows, Skipio grows with them, helping them follow up and reach even more customers on a personal level.

"truly feel like giving them that human touch right away, it’s really humanized our process … We really get a lot of people that even if they don’t need help, they just text back and say, 'Hey, thanks for reaching out. I’ll let you know.' We get that message all the time, which I think is a true testament that it really is working."

—Emily Morrison, Transaction Coordinator