iN3 Nutrition Customer Story | Health & Fitness

Jason Phillips once spent 20 hours a day calling and texting clients. With Skipio, his company tripled their lead gen and conversion rates skyrocketed.

Though he’s now the CEO of iN3 Nutrition and the founder of the Nutritional Coaching Institute, Jason Phillips wasn’t always fit. Though he was a highly ranked amateur golfer at 18, Jason suffered an injury that sent his life into a downward spiral.

He battled with an eating disorder and mental health problems that led him to contemplate taking his own life. But Jason got help and committed to paying it forward.

He knew early on that health and fitness would be the vehicle to his success. But it wasn’t until 2014 – when a miracle $500 deposit appeared in his overdrawn bank account on Thanksgiving morning – that he truly committed to his business.

Within a year he’d built a $300,000 business and kept scaling. Now his business is worth $5 million.

Building on human connection

Jason got there because he wholeheartedly believes in human connection. He built his entire business on it. But that human connection quickly overwhelms you when you want to help hundreds of people.

At one point Jason personally worked with 167 people. He was on the phone with 167 people every week, which amounts to working 20 hours per day. He took calls and sent texts at the gym, at the grocery store, and even while driving.

He knew that wasn’t sustainable, so he restructured. He now has 15 coaches and nine full-time employees ready to connect and help others understand how to improve their lives. But Jason also wanted his team to have better tools to continue making an impact as the business grew.

In 2018, his administrators started using Skipio and began seeing small wins. Then near the beginning of 2019, Jason hired a full-time chief marketing officer. His CMO took one look at Skipio and told Jason it was the missing link to continue scaling his business with the human connection.

Scaling the personal touch

That flipped a switch for iN3 Nutrition. Everyone began fully utilizing Skipio, sending customized, personalized texts to hundreds and hundreds of people at once. It takes them just a moment to send a personal text to groups large and small, and then they go back to focusing on what’s happening right in front of them.

In 90 days they tripled their lead generation and conversion rates have never been higher.

Skipio allows Jason and his team to maintain human connections even through automated means. They save time, money, and energy, putting it right back into the business and helping even more people with their health and fitness goals.

“Skipio is not just a marketing tool. It’s a connection tool. From somebody who has made millions of dollars on a connection based model, it’s changing the game for us.”

—Jason Phillips, CEO of iN3 Nutrition