Krista Mashore Coaching Customer Story | Marketing

When Krista Mashore Coaching learned they could use Skipio to nurture cold leads, it was a $49,000 game changer.

What business wouldn’t love an additional $49,097?

For Krista Mashore Coaching, that’s exactly what they got in the first 30 days of using Skipio Lead Nurturing. Krista Mashore Coaching teaches real estate agents and other professionals how to stand out in their local markets, generate more leads, and grow their businesses.

Losing sales

After a series of touchpoints and offers to download completely free content, they invite leads to schedule a phone call to learn more about the program. The Krista Mashore marketing and sales teams already used the Skipio platform on their own for this outreach and nurturing. However, they did not have a system in place to deal with cold leads.

If someone scheduled a phone call with a rep and never made it to the call, that was usually the end.

"Those no-shows in the past, they just fell right off the cliff. We had nothing in place to bring them back in," said marketing director Meagan Ruppert.

Meagan and her team were already working to max capacity and simply didn’t have the bandwidth to chase down every no-show.

When presented with the opportunity to use Skipio Lead Nurturing, an in-house, white glove service, to get those no-shows back on the schedule, Meagan was ready to hand over the work.

"Really quickly I felt very well taken care of and very quickly we were able to see results. It was a no brainer when we got to the end of the 30 days to say, “Yeah, let’s do this."

Giving Skipio a try

In just one month, the appointments that the Skipio Lead Nurturing team rescheduled with people who previously no-showed on calls resulted in almost $50,000 in additional revenue. Revenue that otherwise would have been completely lost.

Previously, those cold leads simply would have been forgotten. But now everyone at Krista Mashore Coaching enjoys complete peace of mind that every no-show is going to be contacted and nurtured. That leaves everyone there to do what they’re best at.

When asked what advice she had for businesses that need help with nurturing, here's what Meagan said:

"Let the professionals take care of this part of your business because it will increase your bottom line. … It’s one less thing that you have to worry about. … Just take that off your plate because the truth is you will forget it. … You don’t have to worry about that when you have Skipio helping you. That’s the best thing ever."

—Meagan Ruppert, marketing director