Schott Cultural Consulting Customer Story | Marketing

Schott Cultural Consulting keeps in touch with leads at every point of the customer journey with Skipio. Learn how they nurture relationships.

CEO Kim Schott previously worked in the auto industry before she noticed a need in international marketing.

She saw foreign business professionals trying to buy franchises in the U.S. as well as American professionals trying to buy commercial property or businesses overseas.

She leveraged her already strong relationships in the marketing field and in the auto industry to fill this need and her business took off. Schott Cultural Consulting creates mobile responsive websites and digital marketing plans specifically suited to international business needs.

To grow the client base, Kim knew they needed tools for clear and constant communication.

Communicating effectively

In an effort to engage prospects, Kim hired a professional telemarketer to personally call them. However, success rates dropped because no one would respond to phone calls. Then she was introduced to Skipio.

Kim immediately realized the advantages of text marketing. Once her team began using Skipio, they received responses immediately.

They then implemented Skipio into webinars, which teach potential and current clients marketing techniques, using Keyword Campaigns. The participants text in a provided keyword and then receive live content throughout the webinar.

After a webinar, Kim and her team use Skipio to take people on a “marketing journey.” Sending out text messages in a 3–4 week rotation to 75+ people at a time, they share client testimonials and marketing tips.

Nurturing every relationship

Every recipient feels valued because of the personalization Skipio allows, and Kim doesn’t have to think twice because it’s all automated. These things just wouldn’t be possible using email or phone calls.

Thanks to the follow-up messages, webinar attendees have been contacting Schott even two months later to set up appointments.

Plus, they continue to nurture relationships with current clients by scheduling reminders each quarter for a free marketing review.

And it’s all possible because of Skipio’s automations.

"…from the triggered text messages being spaced out a couple weeks and how conversational the text messages are, I clearly saw the advantage that texting had over a telemarketer or a business development professional like the one I had hired to try to follow up with people."

—Kim Schott, CEO and founder