Shine Solar Customer Story | Home Services

Shine Solar proved that dead leads are never really dead by building a holiday promotion with Skipio. Learn what earned them huge sales thanks to 1 weekend.

Nick Gorden, CEO of Shine Solar, trains his employees to develop a personal relationship with each customer. He even has a dedicated employee known as a concierge who guides customers through every aspect of the solar installation process.

But what do you do with summer fast approaching and the month’s sales dipping lower and lower?

Nick hoped to turn things around by revisiting old leads and offering them a tempting holiday promotion. Each lead previously expressed interest in solar but never moved forward with an investment.

Fighting a summer slump

His offer? A summer kickoff special for all new customers. For anyone who signed up for solar installation immediately, Shine Solar would send a gift basket that included a grill, cooler, canopy, and gift card.

With all his contacts synced to his Skipio address book, Nick sorted his “dead” leads into a group, wrote a short text introducing the limited-time offer, and included a link to a landing page that contained all the details.

The Shine Solar team already prioritized building relationships with customers, so a personalized text to each lead fit the bill perfectly.

Following up with a purpose

Shine Solar’s three best salespeople focused solely on nurturing and communicating with the people who texted back. Many were interested and had questions, though they weren’t ready to talk on the phone. Plenty others happily talked with the sales reps via text.

From those conversations, Shine Solar got $1 million in sales during the seven-day promotion.

Following up with old leads for that one promotion not only got them out of a slump, it also allowed the sales reps to spend hours re-nurturing old leads, leading to stronger relationships that resulted in future sales.

"When Shine Solar utilizes Skipio, we know that our customers feel like they are receiving one-on-one treatment."

—Nick Gorden, CEO of Shine Solar