• Retention
  • Payments
  • Leads
  • Alerts
  • Reminders
  • Nurturing
  • Selling
  • Follow-up

...and do it through texting

Your business can now have residency in every one of
your customer’s back pocket! Emoji time!

It’s follow-up season!

15-20% of your customers are not ready to buy. A smart text campaign guarantees you’ll be there when they’re ripe for picking. Go harvest!

Business Text Messaging

Nurture until ripe.
True interest is felt in personal communications.

Hold on.

Increase customer retention by 5% and you’ll increase profitability by 95%! Time to work on that headlock, texting style.

Bulk SMS

Retention creates a better customer
Melissa Niu – President -Parachut

Be heard!

Your customers are flooded by 5,000 ads per day! Only texting brings a 45% response rate. Be heard!

Business Text Messaging

Unravel ineffective communications
Jason Turley

Sales’ Best Friend

Get your messages seen, 97% of the time! Begin building relationships with your customers, that last!

Bulk SMS

One-on-one relationships
strengthen customer ties, explode your business