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What is Skipio?
Communication that works
How many sales fall through simply because can't get a hold of a potential customer? This can be extremely frustrating, especially if you had a great first call.

96% of text messages are read and 46% get a response. Don't just rely on Emails and Cold Calls. You've got a new way to do it.
Business Texting = Big Profits
Meet Them Where They Are!
90% of your customers would rather be texted than called or emailed. With Skipio's text automation you'll be able to contact leads faster and close more business. 
More Eyeballs!
Imagine if your promotions, product launches, and customer communication reached 5x as many people. We won't make any crazy claims, but you'll be stacking coins a lot higher than the image to the left.
The Cliche Third Point 
You'll save boatloads of time and buckets of money.
More Than A Texting Platform
With automated text campaigns you won't have to remember to reach out to every individual customer. Skipio follows up for you and will remind your current(and future) clients of: upcoming appointments, product launch, promotions, and more. Managing all that communication will be a breeze and what takes you hours now, will be done in just minutes. 
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