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Maximizing leads

Mike’s Warriors Body Transformation Gym

Mike Pacheco believes in transformations. At Mike’s Warriors Body Transformation Gym in El Paso, Texas, he runs short, intense workouts daily and offers nutritional guidance.

But his secret to how he helps people transform their bodies and lives?

Getting people to change their mindset.

To help people shift their mindset, Mike keeps them accountable. He keeps in contact in a very personal way, quickly and effectively texting everyone through the Skipio mobile app.

Maximizing leads

Since Mike’s market is predominantly Hispanic and Latino, he accommodates his leads’ preferred languages from the start. When leads see an ad on Facebook, they can text in a keyword that will put them in a campaign based on which language they prefer.

The action it takes for someone to text a keyword into Mike means that they’re interested in what he’s doing. And his response rate is through the roof – if he sends a text to 80 new leads, the average number of leads he gets each day, he can count on getting at least 60 responses.

With Skipio Campaigns, he follows up with leads immediately after they send that initial text. Mike then gathers their names and more information after the second text he sends from his campaign.

And it’s all automated.

Building off accountability

Every few days Mike sends out motivational messages and reminders to members and leads to keep them on track. Members have even taken to texting him about anything they’re struggling with because they know that a real person will be reading their messages.

Mike’s gym grew so quickly that he opened a second location in 2018. With so many different things going on – he’s building a member base for two gyms and his personal brand – Skipio’s automations allow him to stay in contact with everyone.

He can send dozens of customized texts to people in a matter of seconds, which means his business continues to grow without sacrificing his personal touch.

What Skipio has done for me when it comes to accountability is incredible. I am able to stay in contact with members and potential members at all times. … The convenience of Skipio – especially the mobile app – allows me to focus on growing my business and customer base. —Mike Pacheco, owner and founder

Use Skipio to follow up and stay top of mind with your customers.

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"There are a lot of options out there for text messaging clients, business contacts, and prospects. The trick is to find a software or service that keeps all of the correspondence organized, well-managed, and most importantly, personalized. Skipio is that software."

"Skipio is a platform that makes sending highly personalized text messages to potential and current clients easy."

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