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Start conversations and grow your business.

As one of our customers explains it, “the difference between Skipio and every other ‘text marketing’ platform out there is your message feels like it’s a personal and individual message sent from you, not some bot or spam.”

We believe communication is about connection and our tools are built to maximize your efficiency while still keeping the human touch.

Keep marketing simple, personal, and effective.

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Your Skipio toolbox for Marketing


Capture customer information via text and automatically follow up. Eliminate your need for order forms and sign-up sheets. Perfect for trade shows, public speaking, social media, business cards, and more.

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Never let a lead go uncontacted. Deliver the perfect series of messages every time. Automate your repeatable communication and let Skipio send the messages for you.

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Personal Group Messaging

Your customers will never feel like they are on a marketing list. Add first name, company name, product name, and any other customization to increase your chances of conversion.

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Call Forwarding

It's more than just texting. Skipio allows calls to your 10-digit Skipio number to be forwarded to a number of your choice. Never give out your personal number for marketing again.

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Alternative to keywords. Customize your own personal form that automatically adds customers to your campaigns. Perfect for referrals, websites, and social media.