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Customer communication that's effective for you, and convenient for them.

Where are you continually adding value to your customers? For some it’s a birthday message, for others it’s exclusive deals or promotions. Deliver extra value to your customers through audio, video, picture, birthday, or voicemail messages and more through automated follow up.

Don't just find more customers, keep more customers.

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Ringless Voicemail

Sometimes your contacts just need to hear from you. Now you can do it with the click of a button! Record a voice message and send it directly to all your customers' voicemail boxes at once.

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Retention Campaigns

How do you manage your communication? Skipio campaigns enable you to deliver the perfect message every time. With Skipio, following up with customers is just a click away.

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Automated Birthday Messages

Friends or family might forget to send a birthday message, but not you. Automate personalized birthday messages to all of your clients.

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Multi-Media Messages (MMS)

Deliver value by sending content consistently to your customers. Get personal with pictures, videos, audio messages, and emojis.

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Personal Group Messaging

Your customers will never feel like they are on a marketing list. Add first name, company name, product name, and any other customization to increase your chances of conversion.

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Campaign Analytics

Know if your messaging is working and make decisions based on real data. Track response and click-through rates of your messages.

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Link Tracking

Gain insight into who is engaging with your content. Track link clicks and create retention campaigns to target disengaged customers.

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