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Automate the time-consuming but necessary outreach and follow-up that turns leads and appointments into sales — all from local numbers that can text and call.

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Be available to leads and customers on your schedule

Set up webchat, call forwarding, and Away Mode to keep open lines of communication without having to be available 24/7. You'll capture leads, start conversations, and build customer relationships that result in great reviews.

How can you automate your sales communication?

Integrate Skipio with the tools and systems you already use

Sync website forms or your favorite apps to use text messaging drip campaigns to reach out to every lead and book appointments without feeling like you're constantly chasing leads.

What integrates with Skipio?

Keep your team’s conversations with customers in one place

Choose local 10-digit numbers that stay separate from personal numbers or devices. You keep and access every text conversation with leads and customers, even if employees leave, and you're less likely to get ignored with a local number.

How can your team use Skipio?

Let our team show you what to say and when to follow up

Use Skipio's message templates or schedule 1-on-1 consulting to learn the best ways to communicate in a relatable way so you're not left to figure out communication with leads on your own.

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Why Do Local Businesses Rely on Skipio?

Because they care about reaching out to every lead and getting people to book appointments. And with Skipio's lead follow-up solutions, they consistently get more leads to reply and schedule.

SkipioExcellentSkipio4.6 Based on 160 reviews fromSee all reviews review us onMandy-Rae BlockMandy-Rae Block ★★★★★ Courtney Smith was literally the most helpful customer service agent as I am a Million Dollar Sales Director in Canada and hopefully one day we will have a partnership with MK Canada and Skipio, but until then - Courtney was amazing at finding ways to help me and my unit achieve our FIRST Million Dollar Year! I use them every June in our fiscal year end - I highly recommend!!!!!Noah ChristensenNoah Christensen ★★★★★ I had the opportunity to work with Skipio over the past few months on a project. Those that we communicated with were friendly, constructive, and provided valuable insights. Communication was easy and the project was a success! They are reliable and I hope to work with them more in the future!Samantha BradySamantha Brady ★★★★★ Great company that is customer forward. They have some great automation tools that allow for personalized texting.Isaac RogersIsaac Rogers ★★★★★ It's been a great opportunity to work with Skipio! The people here are great and they've made our best interests important to them! Great service and an overall awesome team!GS FitGS Fit ★★★★★ Skipio's messaging platform is comprehensive and what's needed for engaging with prospects via text messaging. Well thought out to make the interaction interpersonal. The icing on the cake is the support that is available when something isn't clear or falls off the rails. Courtney has proven to be a patient, professional, personable and most importantly a knowledgeable resource and is always a great resource of help.paige odowdpaige odowd ★★★★★ I researched several text apps and I decided on Skipio because of Caroline Janish. I had soooo many redundant questions and she answered them professionally every time even though I was probably an annoying client. I even kept putting off setting up an account because of various business and personal issues but she stayed in contact the whole time. She walked me thru the whole process, from sign up to first text! I will definitely recommend Caroline and Skipio to my business owner contacts and friends. Thank you Caroline!!amy triplettamy triplett ★★★★★ I feel like I just broke up with somebody and my heart is kind of sad 🤣🤣I’ve been using Skipio for two years for my texting service. They have the absolute best customer service, the program is so easy to use and it is not expensive. I have had zero problems and I really believe it’s helped with my onboarding, my retention, and just communicating with my team. It’s been a huge help.I have never used Project Broadcast, but that seems to integrate better with social connector so I made the switch. I hope it was the right choice 🥹I highly recommend Skipio for anyone looking for a texting service.Rhonda CrenshawRhonda Crenshaw ★★★★★ So far I've had a great experience with Skipio. The team is supportive and I love the apps ability to personalize my text messaging. Special thanks to Carolina for squeezing me in for an impromptu meeting on Monday that helped me get plugged in the very same day!CLUB FIITCLUB FIIT ★★★★★ I just received the most fabulous customer service from Courtney. I had a very time sensitive and urgent task and she helped me sort through everything needed to successfully send out information to our customers. She showed genuine interest and was very helpful and attentive. I've been a customer of Skipio's for a few years now and she has been the best support i have received! Thank you Courtney!✨Response from the ownerSounds like Courtney! Thank you for the feedback. We're off to find more Courtneys 🚀 Ron AdelsteinRon Adelstein ★★★★★ Skipio is an absolute game-changer! This texting app has revolutionized my communication with its user-friendly interface and seamless experience. Sending texts to clients and friends alike has never been this delightful. The customization options are a dream, and the automated features have saved me so much time. Plus, their customer support team is top-notch, always ready to help. Skipio has truly elevated my messaging game, and I can't recommend it enough. 5 stars all the way! 🌟Response from the ownerThanks for the great review, Ron! Danielle ManningDanielle Manning ★★★★★ Our company has enjoyed having Skipio as our main texting platform. The software is user friendly and they have great customer service. I would recommend them to others.Response from the ownerWe really appreciate the great review Danielle, and having you as a customer! Bill RohrBill Rohr ★★★★★ We implemented Skipio to help streamline communications with our prospective & current tutors and clients. So much of our business is conducted via text messaging but we did not have a way to be more efficient & consistent. Being able to create templates, text messaging campaigns and have visibility to all the messages my assistant is sending, has not only saved my business time but also improved communications across my team of tutors and clients. Jake Janish with Skipio has been incredibly responsive & helpful and implementation was super smooth and easy. We are so happy we were referred by another Tutor Doctor owner to check out Skipio's services as it has been a game changer for us! Thank you for creating a great product!!Response from the ownerThanks Bill and Kim! We love hearing about how it has helped business owners save time and improve communication. Keep crushing it! Wendy BurtonWendy Burton ★★★★★ Utilizing Skipio to reach our clients has been a game changer, and Jake is a winner. He helped make our implementation smooth and easy. Thanks Jake and Skipio!Christopher PizzaChristopher Pizza ★★★★★ One the best tools to have if you are in sales. Helps you reach maximum connections for the month. Jake is great always checks in and see if anything is needed. Very simple to use and highly recommended.James MartinezJames Martinez ★★★★★ Jared is great! The tool is excellent and worth the investment.Zack BallamZack Ballam ★★★★★ So cool to take pictures here!!Steven BatesonSteven Bateson ★★★★★ Great place! I work in the same building and have always been welcomedadmin nugentadmin nugent ★★★★★ Been using Skipio for over a year for event and other magazine communication. Brilliant platform and A+ customer service. We truly couldn't live without it.Response from the ownerThrilled to have you as a Skipio user and love hearing that you have had a great support experience. Thomas WhitakerThomas Whitaker ★★★★★ I am not a customer of Skipio but their building is unique and a gem of American Fork. I am not super familiar with what they actually do but I wish them success because of what good neighbors they are in our community.Brent ReedBrent Reed ★★★★★ I've never been to a nicer work space in Utah! I have work that brings me here quarterly. I always look forward to this time because of the culture of goodwill and positivity. And the beautiful grain mill interior, thick with old wood, including the mill machinery and wooden ducts, make for such a warm environment. Robyn at the front desk is just a fantastic person. The space is beautiful and the people are great!Melissa GonzalesMelissa Gonzales ★★★★★ When I first signed up it was a bumpy road. Being the only person in my Industry who was using it, I had to learn a lot on my own. Recently Skipio has stepped there game up 1000% with the Success Center and now YouTube videos with tip Tuesday's are amazing. They have a more involved presence on Facebook which is huge for me.guys would really have to screwLorrinda MichiekaLorrinda Michieka ★★★★★ Skipio helped us take engagement to a new level. I love the app too. Being able to schedule texts, run reminder and event campaigns is a huge , time-saving bonus to our operations. It's like having an assistant that's always on top of things... Thanks for a great product.Response from the ownerThank you so much for your feedback! Lee MillardLee Millard ★★★★★ Skipio is so easy to use! Love it!!Response from the ownerThank you for your review and feedback. We truly appreciate it! Garrett HiltonGarrett Hilton ★★★★☆ Update 2.25.19 - Since the conference call with Dev/QA/SuccessManager & Coach, I have been really freed up where I was bottlenecked. It spoke volumes to have the importance of my issues MATCHED with having SPECIALISTS that could directly impact their resolution, on the phone resolving the issues, or setting themselves up to be resolved/be in communication if they could not. I am actively sharing my successful usage of SKIPIO with others of our vendors and strategic partners.(Initial Review) I love the options I have, and am getting a nice return on my campaigns. What's not working is that I said yes for the reminder options for scheduled appointments, and that feature has been out of commission for 2weeks, and that has been very frustrating. It is the crux reason we use Skipio. I appreciate the staff's follow up with me, but that it is not working is like I'm paying for 100%, but only can use 35%, given how we use Skipio. I hope this is a 1x experience. -Response from the ownerThanks for letting us know. We have several of our top team members working your case right now. We hope our call with you today resolves the issue and provides some good options for your use case. Thank you so much for the feedback. This helps us give it some traction as we push this discussion up the chain. We love seeing new use cases like yours, and we hope this will help us improve the platform knowing the great way our customers are utilizing Skipio. Michael SheenMichael Sheen ★★★★★ Great product. Well built and very useful.Response from the ownerThank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review! We love having you on board. Robin DaviesRobin Davies ★★★★★ I have a small business and Skipio makes connecting with my customers so easy. Highly recommend. User friendly and frees up valuable time. Worth every penny!Response from the ownerThank you for your recommendation. We are happy to hear that it is worth every penny and even more happy that you are part of our Skipio family! M FerrellM Ferrell ★★★★★ It's an awesome service that's crucial for automating any online business.Response from the ownerThank you for your review! We appreciate the feedback and are here to support you through the Skipio journey. Please reach out if you ever need assistance. js_loader

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