• Retention
  • Leads
  • Alerts
  • Reminders
  • Nurturing
  • Selling
  • Follow-up

...and do it through text

Your business can now have a home in every one of
your customer’s back pocket! It’s emoji time!

It’s follow-up season!

15-20% of your customers are not ready to buy. A smart text campaign guarantees you’ll be there when they’re ripe for picking. Go harvest!

Nurture until ripe.
True interest is felt in personal communications.

Hold on.

Increase customer retention by 5% and you’ll increase profitability by 95%! Time to work on that headlock, texting style.

Retention creates a better customer
Melissa Niu – President -Parachut

Be heard!

Your customers are flooded by 5,000 ads per day! Only texting brings a 45% response rate. Be heard!

Unravel ineffective communications
Jason Turley

Sales’ Best Friend

Get your messages seen, 97% of the time! Begin building relationships with your customers, that last!

One-on-one relationships
strengthen customer ties, explode your business