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The Customer Journey: A Guide for Small Businesses

Whether running a small business or managing a startup, knowing how to effectively engage your [...]

What is a Text Message Subscriber?

A text message subscriber is someone who has opted in or given permission to receive [...]

How to Keep a Consistent Brand Voice in Text Message Communication

Your brand voice is the personality and style of your business. It’s how you communicate [...]

How to Increase Lead Appointment Show Rates

You offer great solutions. Your current customers love you. Retention is high. Now, if only [...]

4 Ways to Transform Your Lead Nurturing with Automation as a Small Business

Want to increase your qualified leads by 451%? Start using marketing automation to automate your [...]

How to Build Effective Lead Nurturing Campaigns for Your Gym or Fitness Studio

Studies show that 50% of new prospects are not ready to make a buying decision. [...]

How to Create a Lead Nurturing Strategy

How do you create a lead nurturing strategy that actually converts? One that resonates with [...]

What are Merge Tags and How to Use Them in SMS Marketing

Merge tags/merge fields are placeholders that dynamically insert specific and personalized info into your SMS [...]

Why and How to Automate Your Lead Nurturing Strategy

Have you ever felt like leads just slip through your fingers? You capture their information, [...]

A Small Business’ Guide to Choosing The Best Lead Nurturing Software

Simply generating leads isn’t enough to have a successful business. You need to nurture those [...]

Skipio’s Calendly Integration is Back and Easier Than Ever

For several months, we’ve worked hard to revamp Skipio’s Calendly integration. Our goal with this [...]

What is SMS Express Written Consent and Why is It Important? 

You’ve likely heard of obtaining “express written consent” when completing required business phone number registrations [...]

Increase Your Speed to Lead with Automated Lead Follow-up

The faster you connect with a qualified lead, the higher your chances of converting them [...]

28 Free Follow-up SMS Marketing Templates for Small Businesses

This blog post will give you 28 free follow-up SMS marketing templates that’ll help your [...]

What is Sales Engagement?

Sales engagement is the process of building relationships, gaining trust, and providing value at every [...]