Integrity First Lending prides itself on providing immediate, personalized support to prospective and current clients. Serving residents in Utah and Arizona, they truly take their name to heart: focusing on integrity no matter the type of loan or refinancing someone is interested in.

With a steady flow of leads generated daily by the hard work of a small sales team, their loan officers keep busy living up to that. However, with the pandemic, both the mortgage and refinancing processes slowed significantly. Because of all the moving pieces involved, things that once took a month were now taking two.

The Integrity First team needed a way to keep the fire alive and maintain relationships with clients throughout these long processes.

Prioritizing Personable Outreach

When the team of loan officers relied heavily on email and phone calls, software administrator Braeden Moffat estimates that 30% of emails received responses and even fewer phone calls.

“Our problems with communication big and small were not unique to us. The competition in our industry is intense,” Braeden says. “We needed to do something that would set us apart from the others. We had a loan officer who was using Skipio individually. We noticed that he had some of the highest response rates of any loan officer in the company.”

When Braeden and his colleagues found out about Skipio’s team solution, they eagerly set up a whole team of loan officers. In just a few months of using the platform, response rates quintupled. Yes, that’s 5 times higher than before.

Integrity First Lending + Skipio

“Our business was suddenly booming again … That fire that we’ve been trying so hard to keep alive was thriving again and burning brighter than it had ever been before.”

Instead of waiting hours or days to reply, leads respond within minutes, which means loan officers help them that much faster. But it’s not just because they’re texting that they’re seeing responses. Texting alone doesn’t guarantee anything.

It’s because this team of loan officers engages leads personally about the things they care about.

Boosting the Power of Individual Outreach

Every loan officer uses unique 10-digit numbers for 1-to-1 texting. Because some are licensed in both Utah and Arizona, they use separate numbers with local area codes. People inherently trust a local number more, and the communication stays personal.

Depending on what each lead is interested in, whether that’s pre-approval, refinancing, or something completely different, the right loan officers reach out to start the conversation. That initial outreach happens automatically within Skipio, increasing the chances that the lead responds and ultimately chooses to work with Integrity First.

Another thing that contributes to faster responses and more of them is the messages themselves. The team’s manager writes and shares tried-and-true lead nurturing messages with every user. So when a new lead who is a first-time home buyer comes in, they get sent a relevant mortgage message. Or when someone who wants to refinance responds in a certain way, they receive a message specific to their needs.

But loan officers don’t leave the templates as-is. They customize messages within the prewritten campaigns to ensure their voice and personality shine through. It’s true person-to-person communication.

These messaging campaigns drip out texts over time. The set cadence guarantees every lead gets contacted multiple times and the loan officers continually encourage engagement.

Creating a Stronger Team

The team’s manager doesn’t just write the messages and share them. The Skipio dashboard gives them oversight into all the conversations and how messages actually perform. 

They know how long it takes each loan officer to reply and how many responses they receive in return. If conversations aren’t taking off, the manager looks at each user’s account to see what messages need to be changed. They then use what they find to inform future training, both for individuals and the team as a whole.

There’s no guessing games with Skipio, only results.

Keeping the Fire Alive

In an industry as competitive as theirs, Integrity First Lending strives to maintain real relationships with everyone they talk to. Skipio helps make that happen, and everyone benefits.

“At a time when technology and relationships between humans becomes more digital, it becomes so important that we somehow compensate and maintain what we used to have between a face-to-face connection,” Braeden says. “Skipio makes that as human and as genuine and as natural as it can possibly be.”