Photography studio owner Cynthia Loaiza and her small team used to spend hours and hours following up with leads.

“It was emailing, lots of manual texting, phone calls, all of the above,” Cynthia says.

And though she still uses all those methods of contact, it’s been “a 5-year-long evolution” to eliminate a lot of human error. A big part of that is relying on Skipio to reach out to new leads to start conversations about booking sessions.

Our texting is now automated, thank the Lord. It’s wild to think we did all of that manually. People would be forgotten … and there was so much information to go through manually. It’s been a game changer for us.

Eliminating Follow-Up Errors to Sell to Qualified Leads

Cynthia primarily generates her leads through Facebook Ads that go to a landing page. Filling out a form gets them enrolled in a Skipio drip campaign (and a separate email campaign that acts as a safeguard). New leads get the first text from Cynthia within 10 minutes.

The way Skipio can be set up with Zapier, it’s very flexible and it feels malleable and moldable to what you need it to be for your specific business.

The Skipio drip campaign is the real difference maker because the first message in the campaign is a short and sweet confirmation. Then, moments later, the lead gets a message with a link to a detailed landing page that covers what the studio offers.

It may seem excessive to use two landing pages, but this lead nurturing process saves Cynthia’s team hours every week and the leads aren’t overwhelmed with options too soon.

Many business owners would dump that info into the first text message, but “nobody wants to read a novel from a tiny screen,” Cynthia says. Instead, using the drip campaign to push leads to a landing page helps make sure the leads are qualified. The right people get all the information they need to schedule a call with a booking agent.

In the past when Cynthia would manually text leads a Calendly link right away, her team wasted a lot of time and resources.

Our booking agent could have spent that time speaking with people who are qualified. We spent so many hours because we weren’t filtering our leads. The wrong clients were getting through.

On the second landing page, leads are encouraged to book a call or to reply to Cynthia’s texts with a keyword. If a consultation is booked, Skipio then sends confirmation and reminder messages. If a lead texts back, the booking team gets on the phone.

Getting Leads to Book Without Wasting Time

According to Cynthia, “most of our clients come from Skipio.” So even though all leads are also emailed, the Skipio drip campaigns do the heavy lifting of moving leads through the scheduling process.

70-80% of clients who come in and pay come through Skipio versus email.

While there are many apps for just business texting, Cynthia loves that “Skipio helps us do much more in a shorter amount of time” and makes all follow-up and scheduling more effective because of the automations. Her outreach and follow-up is handled smoothly through drip campaigns so she doesn’t have to worry about missed leads.

I did a lot of research and there didn’t seem to be any texting services that offered the features that Skipio does.