Kim Rohr and her husband wanted to own a business that gave them greater flexibility with their schedules. So almost five years ago they chose to open a Tutor Doctor franchise.

Kim took on the operational aspects of the business, so in order to take advantage of the
flexibility of owning a franchise location, she needed a faster, more reliable way to

“Email is not an ideal way to communicate in this day and age. … Text messaging is the most quick and efficient way,” Kim says.

But using her personal phone number and manually texting clients and tutors wouldn’t cut it.

Reducing Manual Outreach & Building Connections Along the Way

So instead of creating templates in her phone’s notes app that she would then copy/paste into individual text messages, Kim now automates outreach and follow-up in Skipio.

In particular, Kim’s drip campaigns free her up to focus on the people in front of her (whether that’s tutors, clients, or her family at home).

For instance, there’s a campaign to nurture interested clients. Another moves tutor candidates through the application process. With that repeated follow-up, people pay attention and reply.

“Having the ability to set up a campaign where I can have multiple communications
going out behind the scenes has been a huge game changer in getting a higher
response rate.”

Not only is outreach to potential tutors or clients handled more smoothly, so is the process of requesting feedback and reviews.

Reviews make or break any business. With a Skipio drip campaign automatically sending those review requests, Kim connects with more clients and receives positive feedback in return.

In just 6 weeks, she used Skipio to generate 20 new Google Reviews. And she didn’t have to do anything but ask clients how things were going and Skipio did “the work behind the scenes.”

Her dedication to excellent client experiences and hiring great tutors is what really made those reviews possible. Skipio simply automated the time-consuming process of asking.

Creating Personalized Client Experiences People Don’t Forget

Skipio minimizes the manual communication Kim has to do and gives her noticeably higher response rates. It’s hard to beat that kind of relationship building potential.

“One individual message from Skipio, people tend to respond to that a lot quicker
even on the initial message, higher than on my personal number. It definitely
catches attention.”

Beyond the automations and messaging done in Skipio, Kim relies on Skipio because it gives tutors and clients a single “phone number and place to message me personally and ask a question.” They know there’s a real person on the other end who’s going to take care of them.

With that kind of service, Kim’s Tutor Doctor franchise stays primed to grow.