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49 inspirational quotes about tuning into people (and customers)

Being in tune with people is vital to your success in business – and in life. I graduated from grade school over 100 years ago but I can still remember everything about my 5th grade teacher. Her name, her smile, her elaborately decorated classroom – everything. But that is not what won my heart (while


One text. Four hours. $12,000

It wasn’t luck that got Evolve Fitness owner Blake Robinson $12,000 – with one text – in four hours. By tactfully taking advantage of a sale-heavy holiday weekend, Blake was able to send one text to his existing fitness club members that elicited several timely responses. $12,000 – with one text – in four hours The deal


5 tips on writing a professional (yet personal) text message

Did you know that text messages have a 98% open rate? That means you can pretty much guarantee almost every single text message you send will be read. It will no doubt grab the attention of your customer, but realize that face time they are spending with your text is extremely valuable. Send a couple