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Skipio’s 2018 must-read posts

2018 was a fantastic year for Skipio, and that includes for our content as well. Top 5 articles on the blog 100+ reasons why texting is the future of business to customer communication How a 3-year-old and a carousel taught me a lesson on listening How small businesses build effective lead nurturing text campaigns 5


Transitioning silos into centers of synergy

Note: This article was written by DeAnna Murphy and Nick Greer. Once upon a time, “silos” were not seen as the detrimental obstructions they have become for people today. In fact, just the opposite is true! The silos of the past were constructed to foster connection and confidence in a community, and they even helped


New year, new you: How to respond to negative reviews

If you’re not already planning to improve your responses to reviews in the new year, I hope you’ll rethink that. You’ve probably read a dozen articles on why you need positive reviews and how to get them. Who doesn’t love the warm fuzzies or attaboys you get from positive feedback? That being said, someone who