Prioritizing Convenient Customer Communication

Community Controls provides access control products across the US and services local homes and buildings around Utah. When it comes to key fobs and cards, garages, gates, and remote locks, they’re the security experts.

When scheduling installations and repairs for local clients, manager Blake Capson wanted to make it as convenient as possible for leads and customers to communicate with their team.

It’s an easier way for customers to communicate with us and removes the barrier of contacting us.

Staying Connected to Get Work Scheduled

With dedicated business phone numbers in Skipio, future and past customers can text the team at Community Controls to schedule service and get a quote. In particular, Blake loves that they can receive photos via text, create a quote, and then send that quote directly to their customers’ phones.

“It’s a way to get info to us quickly and it’s time saving because [technicians] can create a quote without having to go there,” Blake says.

They also automate the follow-up that’s need after to confirm that the quote was received.

For example, when the manager of an apartment complex texts Community Controls about a broken vehicle gate, Blake’s team can request a picture and then decide whether to send a technician to get the quote.

After the quote is emailed, that apartment complex manager is put into a drip campaign based around vehicle gate repair. “It will basically bug them to make sure they got it and go to the email,” Blake says. It includes not only the normal text messages you associate with drip campaigns but also voicemail drops.

From an internal organization standpoint, using Skipio keeps technicians from having to use or share their personal phone numbers. Before Skipio, they had been buying technicians a work phone to avoid that. Blake called that whole process “a pain.”

Not only was it expensive to keep buying phones or pay for phone repairs, any text conversations weren’t accessible to the team as a whole. With Skipio, they keep the context for all conversations in one place. They love this because the person creating the quote isn’t always the one making sure the follow-up gets done.

We don’t want our sales reps giving out their personal phone numbers. [But] we wanted to multiply their ability to follow up on quotes and communicate.

Spending Less Time & Money on Manual Follow-Up

So not only was Skipio a much cheaper solution for doing follow-up with leads and customers because they didn’t have to buy phones for everyone, the communication itself became more consistent and reliable.

According to Blake, they get way more replies to quotes when they automate the follow-up with Skipio. Plus, they spend less time on all of their outreach and follow-up. This frees up the team to focus on their actual customers and making sure the work gets done.

Skipio eliminates really simple follow-up errors. It touches customers multiple times and allows us to not have to manually follow up as often even without having as many people.