Rachel Sweeney is a passionate, driven mother and businesswoman. As that passion fueled her growth within Mary Kay, she struggled to keep her business and personal lives separate.

Rachel needed to simplify, optimize, and delegate her communication. Fortunately, she found Skipio in 2014 and it helps her do all three.

Doing Business Right

Rachel used to send text messages en masse from her personal phone number, copying and pasting the same message over and over. Not only was this time-consuming, but before she could finish sending to everyone, she was bombarded with responses.

Just navigating through all of that was stressful, complicated, and overwhelming. But she also found she often missed important personal messages.

With Skipio, her customer communication all lives in one place — totally separate from her personal conversations  — because Skipio gives her an exclusive number for texting and making/receiving calls. It all stays personalized, organized, and efficient.

She has total peace of mind knowing that if her family or friends need to contact her, she won’t miss their messages.

Scheduling to the Max

Rachel’s first and foremost priority is her children. She doesn’t want to miss a memory or milestone and prioritizes her time with them. After she tucks the kids in and kisses them goodnight, her workday begins. She usually clocks in at 11:00 pm and works until 3:00 am!

A powerhouse of productivity, Rachel drafts all of her messages during her work hours but schedules them to send in the morning. This allows Rachel to sleep in and wake up rejuvenated, knowing that Skipio is working for her while she rests.

But that’s not the only way she schedules personalized messages. Rachel sets up completely automated workflows so that different actions trigger the right messages.

She gets the information of a new referral? That contact is automatically added to Skipio and immediately receives a welcoming message from Rachel! They keep receiving personalized messages because her follow-up is automated too — all thanks to Skipio’s drip campaigns and custom merge fields.

Ready for More

With all of her messages going out at set times and for specific reasons, Rachel manages every aspect of her business with confidence. She knows first-hand how empowering it is to run a business that doesn’t overtake your personal life. Her goal now is to share everything she’s learned with the Mary Kay community.

Since joining Skipio, she’s become a self-proclaimed advocate for the platform. She calls it her “lifeline” and recommends it to every one of the new consultants on her team.

And with over 10 years of experience with Mary Kay, and five with Skipio, Rachel knows what she’s talking about.