9Round franchise owner Tim Vettel knows that a successful gym is only successful because of the relationship between him and his members. Without prioritizing the connections with his community, there’s no progress — for his business growth or their fitness goals.

That relationship with members starts before they ever set foot in a 9Round gym. Tim’s outreach sets the tone for everything.

With three fitness studios to grow and multiple communities to take care of, he needs to make sure that communication with potential members happens A) fast, B) naturally, and C) without him having to worry.

Prioritizing Connections Through Efficient Communication

Like most fitness studio owners, Tim wants to spend time with people, not glued to his computer or phone. But he also doesn’t want to miss questions from people interested in 9Round.

To balance those needs, Tim created Skipio drip campaigns that free up his time and basically guarantee that every lead gets contacted personally.

So when a lead fills out a form requesting more info about 9Round, Tim adds that person to a specific Skipio drip campaign for people interested who haven’t set an appointment. That lead starts receiving messages inviting them to schedule a visit.

“I know that they’re going to get the message I want to send — automatically.”

The drip campaign keeps following up if the lead doesn’t respond. “It takes seconds, not even minutes,” to connect with leads using Skipio.

When the lead does respond — and most do — the 1-on-1 conversation can continue on the computer or through the Skipio mobile app.

With organized drip campaigns and groups, Tim sends targeted messages without blasting all of his contacts. People can tell it’s a real person and not just a bot.

“It helps me get peace of mind that I am communicating everything that needs to be communicated consistently, whether it’s a new member, a prospect that I’m trying to get into the gym, or somebody I’m working personal training with.”

Using Automations to Grow Relationships (and His

Tim’s success with multiple 9Round franchise locations of course isn’t just because of Skipio. But he does attribute his ability to grow both gyms to his communication with leads and members.

The biggest difference Tim has seen from not using Skipio to now using Skipio? The efficiency of communication.

Manually contacting new leads and checking in with members only results in forgotten
conversations. Because Tim automates almost all of his initial outreach and uses Skipio to start conversations, he’s more available to his members.

“I think we built up 10,000 contacts between prospects and members. There’s no way you can sit there and manually message every single one of those people and get the message out that you want … without the automated portion that Skipio helps with.”