People everywhere are practically begging businesses to use text messaging. It’s everyone’s preferred communication method.

Skipio knows that you need to be where your prospects and customers are — on their phones  and has revolutionized the way sales teams start and continue conversations.

Here are 12 reasons why sales teams choose Skipio for all of their outreach and follow up.

We had other text message platforms that we'd tried in the past. Nothing really moved the needle for us but Skipio. Ben Hodson, JobNimbus

1. No need to use personal numbers

Every single member on your sales team gets their own 10-digit phone number (with a local area code if that’s what you want). Because no one needs to use their personal number to send texts, they protect their privacy AND the company doesn’t have to worry about losing contacts or conversations. In the past if someone left the team, any contacts and text threads would leave with them.

Instead, users send texts through Skipio and even call people directly from that business number. If someone calls their Skipio number, they choose where it gets forwarded. Most choose to have those calls go to their cell phone.

Everything stays with the team and users get an easier way to reach out personally to prospects and customers.

2. Fast and convenient for people to contact you

Skipio doesn’t just give your sales team a boost to personalized communication. It helps the whole company. Skipio’s web chat texting feature makes sure of it.

With the Web2Txt texting widget on your site, people can text you directly without having anyone’s phone number at the company.

So when someone’s on the pricing page and just wants confirmation that they should choose a certain plan or product, they can open the widget, write their message, and get a reply sent directly to their phone. No waiting around on the site or in a chat queue!

You get into conversations with hot leads and offer better customer service that people won’t forget about.

3. Automations that use fewer resources to get more done

If you want more time in your day and more energy to spend on revenue-generating activities, use technology to automate repetitive tasks. Through Skipio’s drip messaging campaigns and SMART Automations, teams increase speed to lead, automate outreach, and personally engage.

Each lead will take a slightly different journey to purchase from you. By setting rules and triggers, Skipio’s automations ensure you reach out within minutes, keep following up, and move people through the sales funnel. It’s all done with text messaging.

4. Faster responses to common questions

There’s certain questions that prospects and customers often ask, things you hear over and over. Skipio’s Message Library prevents you from having to write out a response every single time. Instead, you write the message once, save it the library, and auto-fill the message when you need it.

Individual users can create their own saved messages and you also get a Shared Message Library for your whole team. So a team admin writes out those answers to FAQs and adds the messages to every user’s individual Message Library. Everyone saves time and responds faster because the library is prepped.

5. Consistent brand and customer experiences

The Shared Message Library helps with some of this, but it’s not the only way you keep messaging consistent.

The sales manager has the ability to share the best messaging and drip sequences with everyone on the team, automatically populating these message campaigns into each user’s accounts. That way everyone knows what to say and when to say it and just has to customize the messages to their personality and voice.

6. Engagement beyond text-only messages

Skipio is all about personalized experiences. That’s one big reason the platform gives you SMS and MMS capabilities, so you can reach out and reply with pictures and videos too.

Easily upload files to your messages within the desktop app or take photos straight from your camera roll on mobile. That includes GIFs too. And of course you have a full emoji library. (Because why wouldn’t you?)

7. Immediate outreach that’s completely personal

Right now how fast does it take you to reach out to new leads with a personalized introduction? Because however long it is, we can almost guarantee that Skipio will do it faster.

By integrating your current lead flow and CRM with Skipio, every single new lead who comes in can receive a personalized text message in 5 minutes or less.

The follow-up stays just as personal too because, again, Skipio integrates directly with a number of CRMs. And even if there isn’t a direct integration to what you use, Skipio integrates with Zapier. There’s no excuse for not completely personalizing your communication, all of which leads to better interactions and ultimately more sales.

8. Less worrying about no-shows

Ghosting and no-shows won’t ever be completely eliminated because life happens. But when you use Skipio to set and confirm appointments and send personalized reminder texts, people show up. This is in part because you’ve already engaged them in a conversation and built a relationship from the start.

All this engagement moves people through the sales pipeline faster and more smoothly. As a result, they’re more likely to buy from you. Using Skipio, teams set an average of 112 percent more appointments and show rates triple.

9. A personal touch to automated phone outreach

People rarely pick up the phone unless they’re expecting a call. Make that a non-issue by recording and scheduling voicemails to deliver without ever ringing someone’s phone. You can even add these voicemails into your drip campaigns so that follow-up is totally seamless.

Normally you’d have to pay another company/service to get Ringless Voicemail, but with Skipio it’s all included.

10. Dedicated dashboard for manager oversight and team tracking

The Skipio team dashboard gives managers the oversight they need to run a better team and reach revenue goals.

It’s where you track messaging KPIs like leads contacted, response rates, and appointments set. You can view what people are saying in real time to help team members improve their messaging. You know exactly what’s going on with your team’s outreach, lead nurturing, and follow-up so you can set team goals that drive competition and growth.

Basically, it’s the only place you need to go to really see how conversations and sales are going.

11. Curated collection of learning resources

Every user receives access to Skipio’s complete Resource Center that not only teaches them how to use the platform but gives them insight into best practices for business messaging. Our team regularly publishes tutorial videos, how-to articles, and messaging guides to keep every Skipio user in the know.

12. Unified platform for unified communication

We already mentioned the value of the Shared Message Library and drip messaging campaigns. Plus, you know that everyone’s contacts and conversations always stay with the company.

This unification, where everyone is following the same processes for outreach and follow-up and using messaging that works, means every person gets contacted faster in a convenient way. You know what’s going on and can easily see what works and what doesn’t, easily making changes when needed.