Say goodbye to the late nights spent doing bulk campaign management! Whether you are in a conversation with a lead or in the address book, you can now manage members of Campaigns, Groups, and Tags from Skipio’s mobile app.

Were you ever out and about enjoying your day when suddenly someone you had in a campaign for two weeks finally replied? Previously the mobile app didn’t give you the ability to manage campaign participants (or even group members), so you probably had a mini heart attack when you realized that they were going to get the next scheduled campaign message before you could get back to your computer to take them off the campaign.

The newest version of the Skipio app now allows you to add and remove contacts from campaigns and groups for a streamlined business process.

What Does This Mean for Skipio Users?

Now that you’re able to manage exactly who is in your campaigns, groups, and tags straight from your phone, your engagement with future and current customers is finally able to keep up with you.

Forget phone reminders or sticky notes. You can update how and when you’re communicating with your contacts as you’re thinking about them. After all, speedy communication is a top priority.