How often do we overlook or fail to see what other people do best?

Skipio is a strengths-based company. Every potential employee takes the Clifton StrengthsFinder test and we then place people in positions that allow them to do what they’re best at every single day.

To maximize our strengths and work toward interdependence, every few weeks we all meet with strengths coach Wyn Dunford for group training sessions.

In our most recent training, we split into smaller teams to practice recognizing each other’s strengths and learn why we need strengths of all types.

There was one individual on our team who’s more on the quiet side. I’ve always respected him, but I wanted to get to know him better and find what makes him tick.

Well, the “aha” moment struck in this meeting when I learned what he’s best at and what’s most important to him.

Building meaningful relationships.

He loves people even though he may be a bit on the quiet side.

And here I am — someone who likes to influence the masses and get people excited about big causes. I need him by my side fighting the fight.  

Suddenly it dawned on me: In order to help him influence others, I needed to put him in more situations where he could build meaningful relationships. Just because he’s quiet doesn’t mean he wants to be tucked in a corner.

So not a week later, at a company-wide meeting, he trained everyone, making connections all over the place.

He did amazing! And it was so fun to see him shine and everyone rally around him. He’s always been a powerful leader and now my eyes are open.

When you learn the strengths of your team members, you appreciate them so much more. And you figure out how to utilize them in ways you never would have thought of before.