Are you ready to say “no more” to no-shows? With Appointment and Event Reminders, you create appointments and events directly in Skipio, which automatically creates online RSVP pages, and send automated reminders to ensure people show up.

When you make an appointment or event in Skipio, opt to invite contacts directly from your Skipio address book, write out all the details your invitees will need (the what, why, when, and where), and schedule all your reminders. Filling your calendar has never been so easy.

Why You’ll Love Automated Reminders

Did you know that the average phone call to schedule an appointment takes over eight minutes? Multiply that by the number of appointments scheduled each day and you’ll quickly find that your most vital work hours are being spent tracking down people to make and keep appointments.

Just think about how hard it can be to get people to show up to events. And even if people do RSVP, how do you remind attendees about the event or share with them last-minute details? Or in a worst-case scenario, if you have to cancel your event, how do you make sure everyone knows?

Automate the reminder process and take back the most vital business hours of your life.

Here are four more reasons why you can’t (and shouldn’t) live without automated event and appointment reminders.

Your customers and clients want it

Nearly 78% of consumers would like to receive appointment reminders from a business via text. If you want people to show up, send your reminders where people will actually see them: on their phones. Don’t believe it? Let’s check the stats:

  1. Sales prospects who are sent text messages convert 40% higher than those who aren’t sent text messages.
  2. People are three times more likely to respond with a positive or “yes” answer from a text request over any other method of communication.

You still keep it personal

If you send too many messages, people stop paying attention. If the message is irrelevant, people will most likely ignore you. With texting as one of the most personal forms of communication, it’s important that you communicate personally and casually.

With Skipio, you can personalize and automate every message you send, including your event and appointment reminders. This makes it easy to address your contact by name and to share details specific to the individual.

You get the confirmation

Asking for a confirmation sounds simple, but just the act of asking someone to confirm their appointment with you could increase the likelihood of them showing up by 95%!

Mike Pacheco from Mike’s Warriors Body Transformation Gym in El Paso, Texas, uses Skipio to not only keep members accountable to get results in his fitness program but also to generate and convert leads.

Once an initial appointment has been made, Mike sends an automated, personalized text asking his contact to reply with a confirmation saying they are committed to showing up. This confirmation, along with another last-minute, automated appointment reminder, has resulted in a 95% show rate for Mike.

Using this simple automation with his customers and potential clients allows him to grow without sacrificing his personal touch – so much so that he opened a second location.

And when people RSVP to a larger event, you have a much better idea of who is going to show up and how you can make their experience the best.

Enjoy simple follow-up with everyone

People forget appointments (even with reminders). Just because they didn’t come the first time doesn’t mean they are lost forever. With an automated texting software you can connect with people who didn’t show up to find out what happened.

For example, if someone missed a haircut or canceled, offer to reschedule their appointment for a different time. That way, you show that you’re accommodating, don’t lose the sale, and don’t have to sacrifice any time chasing them down.

Even if most people who sent in a positive RSVP did attend your event, creating your event in Skipio and sending out reminders means you keep a ready-made list of everyone who might wanted to attend a future event.

Here’s the bottom line: Automating your reminders and improving your business process will save you time and make you money. The more people you see, the more money you make.

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