5 Types of Customer Emails That Could Make a Greater Impact as a Text Message

When you want to engage your potential and current customers, think about the most convenient ways to get them to act. Emailing them will sometimes be the answer.

But more often than not you can spend less time and get better results by communicating with text message.

Here are 5 types of customer emails we’ve probably all sent that will do better as text messages instead.

Sharing a link before a video call

Email reminders are good. Text message reminders are better, if only because people are more likely to see a text than an email.

You can boost show rates to calls by sending a text message including the Zoom link. JobNimbus did this with their demo calls instead of doing it through email. No-shows dropped and rescheduling happened faster.

When you share this link, it’s also the perfect time to quickly review the agenda for your meeting, giving them a final chance to bring up anything that want to talk about more in-depth.

Giving directions to a meeting/event

When meeting with someone in person or hosting an event, it’s likely people will navigate on their phone anyway. It makes the most sense to share the address and any directions in a text message, ideally a few hours before the event takes place. This way you spare people from having to sort through emails.

In addition, eliminate the stress that goes along with going somewhere new. So include info like parking tips and basic instructions for what to do once someone arrives. Make it seamless for people to meet up with you.

Sending billing notifications

Few things are more annoying than not being able to use a service because you forgot to update your credit card. Sync your CRM or billing software with your text messaging platform to set up text message campaigns that trigger when someone needs to update payment information or when a payment fails.

By sending these reminders before a credit card expires, your customers don’t have to deal with service interruptions and you don’t miss out on revenue. Plus, you won’t spend as much time reaching out to get the info updated.

With failed payments, text reminders minimize downtime with your app or service because customers are more likely to see those messages. Text messages are simply a more convenient way to communicate. (And again, it keeps you getting paid.)

Especially if people can update their billing info when on a mobile device, why not send text message reminders?

Scheduling meetings

Think about how you usually make plans with friends or family. Rarely is that happening in an email chain. Conversations about scheduling go on too long when done over email.

But a few text messages back and forth gets the job done much faster. It’s how we’re all doing it anyway!

If you already use text messaging to communicate with prospects and customers, it should be natural to make a plan or book an appointment through texting (whether or not you send a calendar link).

Touching base after a call

Nick and Armand of 30 Minutes to President’s Club love the idea of sending text messages after a meeting or call.

Here’s how to do it:

Send simple messages as post-meeting reminders, to review previous conversations, and to share information. Ask quick questions and get insights from your point of contact about how stakeholders/decision-makers feel about things.

Those types of messages get you engaged responses. When you text in that way, prospects are then more likely to reach out to you through text as well. Communication feels more open when it’s personal texting.

Sometimes what you need is an email after a meeting, but even then it’s great to send an associated text telling someone what you just emailed them.

Determining texting’s biggest impact

How you adopt text messaging in your communication with prospects and customers can directly influence:

  • How much time you spend on tasks
  • The strength of your relationships with customers
  • The reach of your marketing efforts
  • New and additional revenue opportunities

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