Sending images and text-only messages works great for engaging with contacts. But have you ever considered recording and sending videos?

No video sent on your phone needs to be a professional production. But the audio and video itself should be sharp and clear. While this will still take more time to prepare than other types of messages, videos give you opportunities words and pictures can’t.

Here are three ways you can incorporate sending videos into your texting strategy.

Introduce Yourself

You may not want your very first message to someone to be a video introduction. But it’s a simple way to strengthen your relationship before talking on the phone or meeting in person (if previously you’ve only texted).

The sales reps at Krista Mashore Coaching use Skipio to send video (and photo) introductions to interested prospects the day before the first scheduled phone call. The reps have already been texting the leads, so the video is just one more way for them to solidify that connection.

You can also do video introductions of various team members to show people who they’ll be working or interacting with. Simply knowing the names and roles of the employees whose job it is to help customers could make the difference in turning a lead into a customer or a one-time customer into a repeat customer.

A woman taking a video of herself on her phone.

Do a Demonstration

A photo of a product is great. But a video that allows you to fully showcase a product is even better. Show off all the different angles of a product (literally or figuratively) and even how to use it.

If your business is service-based, a short video highlighting one of your services “in action” works in a similar way. Give people a chance to see what they’ll be missing if they don’t do business with you.

But what’s a demo without any commentary? Otherwise recipients won’t really know what they’re watching.

At the very least practice what you’re going to say and don’t hesitate to try recording a couple times. If needed, write a short script. Yes, you want it to sound natural and not over-rehearsed. But a demo that’s too informal will quickly sound like you don’t know what you’re talking about, which could reflect poorly on you and the business.

Give a Tour

Help people get acquainted with your space. Giving a quick virtual tour could help someone feel more comfortable if they do come in.

For example, if someone is interested in a gym, a trainer could give the prospect a “personal” tour of the area and all available equipment. People could really start picturing themselves working out.

Women doing box jumps at a gym.

Virtual tours also work great if you’ve moved to a new location. Get people excited for your grand opening by giving them a sneak peek tour and then invite them to the event. (Obviously you need to have an event planned.)

Even if the business isn’t one where people visit a physical space, showing them where work gets done could help them feel more involved and therefore build brand loyalty.

Sending videos via text won’t work for every audience, so test it out and gauge the reaction. If it doesn’t resonate with the people you’re contacting, it’s not worth spending time to do it. You’ll need to try making and sending videos a few times before you really know if it works.

So make it interesting! Record different types of videos and try sending them to different contact groups. What doesn’t work for new leads or contacts could work great for your most loyal customers.

And remember that with Skipio’s mobile app you can take photos and record videos without even leaving the app, further streamlining your business texting strategy.