Many of us are still nailing down our 2022 goals, so I’m here to give you a little more inspiration. Specifically, I’m talking goals for sales and marketing teams that help you make better connections.

How employees connect with others affects the entire business. Without lead nurturing, for example, you don’t get customers. Without customers, you don’t have a business.

Every year should be the year of greater connection, but why not make it 2022 best year yet? Customize these goal ideas to make that the reality.

Book more meaningful appointments

Yes, this is kind of the goal all the time. You always want to meet with more people. But are you doing everything you can to make the most of those early relationships?

Look at your current methods of outreach and your current appointment set rates to create a realistic stretch goal of “more.” Then strategize ways that you and others can:

– Generate better qualified leads

– Contact every lead

– Follow up more than once

– Write more personal messages

By focusing your efforts to book more meaningful appointments, you have more productive conversations that result in more sales.

Just keep in mind that booking the appointment is just one aspect. Once you get a meeting scheduled, you need to ensure everyone shows up. Don’t forget about having a process for holding everyone accountable, including yourself.

Improve the company’s star rating

Improving the overall rating on Google, Facebook, G2, or wherever helps your business bring in more leads and then convert them because people see the business as credible and trustworthy.

You don’t necessarily even have to improve the customer experience to bump up ratings (though every business should always be doing that anyway). It’s as simple as asking people to leave a review.

Plus, when you request more reviews, that’s one more point of interaction between teams and customers. That engagement often proves invaluable. So focus on:

– Implementing a specific process for requesting reviews: A platform like Skipio makes this easier than ever.

– Updating team and department processes: To ensure the entire customer journey is the best it can be, ask questions like… How could onboarding be improved? Does follow-up with leads need to happen faster? Are customers being contacted regularly?

– Interacting with posted reviews, especially if they’re negative: People want to see that businesses are paying attention to customers.

Thoughtfully and honestly working to improve your online ratings ultimately helps you help more people.

Contact more leads faster

This could also be called the “stop letting hot leads go cold” goal. When you make a commitment to contact more of your leads in less time, you make a commitment to improving your lead nurturing. After all, as you optimize your lead nurturing and contact more prospects, that results in more sales.

Lead nurturing improvements can come from a lot of different actions, including:

– Choosing a new method of outreach: Ditch the automated, generic email for something actually conversational, like text messaging.

– Scheduling your follow-up texts: There’s no reason messages can’t be personal and still save you time.

– Hiring more people: Having SDRs or other reps who dedicate their time to working with leads makes a huge difference for businesses of all kinds.

If this is your goal, don’t mistake fast outreach for quality outreach. All of your messages still need to be personal and engaging to best kick off the lead nurturing process.

Highlight your customer stories

How are people using your products and solutions successfully? Use their stories to tell your story.

The chance to speak with your customers and find out in-depth information about how they use what you offer is priceless information. What you learn can be used by sales, marketing, and product teams.

In most organizations, this goal will likely be owned by the marketing team. Marketing will of course need to work together with sales and customer support teams to find the best customers to highlight. So you’ll want to:

– Have sales reps make an introduction between clients they closed and whoever from marketing will be scheduling and conducting interviews.

– Create strategic marketing campaigns around the stories and encourage your highlighted customers to share what you publish.

– Build out sales enablement assets related to customer stories that can help serve as social proof to prospects.

We’ve spent hours and hours talking to customers and putting together their stories, and we’ve seen first-hand how powerful these stories are — for everyone at Skipio and for potential customers.

Spend more time at home

Let’s be honest. The connections you make with friends and family are your most important connections of all. (And we never actually said that all the connections had to be strictly business related.)

Fortunately, making this a goal in conjunction with other ideas in this post really will result in more time. As people get better at contacting leads, improve the business’s online reputation, and increase the number of appointments booked, they often find themselves with even more time and they usually worry a lot less.

Ultimately, this isn’t just about goals for sales and marketing. Everyone at your business could probably benefit from this focus.

Ready for a leg up on your goals?

As you think about different goals for sales and marketing teams, keep in mind that you’ll be most successful when everyone on the team keeps each other accountable. Hold regular meetings or 1-on-1s to make the most of every goal!

Obviously not everyone needs to choose the exact same goal, but everyone’s individual goals should help the business reach an overall goal.

One sure-fire way to ensure greater success is using Skipio for lead nurturing. Skipio allows businesses to save time while still knowing every single lead will be contacted and followed up with.

With only 1 platform, you set the appointments, send the reminders, follow up after, and save endless amounts of time and a heck of a lot of energy.