Your sales team deserves the best — the best leads, the best interactions, the best sales strategies, the best tools for executing those strategies. When you want the best way to start conversations and talk with leads with all the right messages at the right times, it doesn’t get better than Skipio.

The Skipio platform helps sales teams reach out and follow up more quickly and more personally. People are never neglected or forgotten. And while leads and customers enjoy a better experience, you benefit plenty as well. Check out these four key ways that Skipio will save your team time and help them close more sales.

Reps Focus on Their Actual Job: Selling

Skipio eliminates a lot of busy work and decreases the time it takes to do important but time-consuming activities.

Through a slew of automated features, your team schedules appointments, sends reminders, and does any other follow-up. Yes, all those things happen automatically with Skipio, in part because the platform integrates with your calendar or CRM, giving you even more automation and personalization power.

Instead of repeatedly chasing down leads and playing phone tag to try to set up appointments, sales reps spend their time engaged in conversations with customers, preparing for demos and sales meetings, and actually selling.

You Shorten Every Step of the Sales Cycle

Using Skipio to connect with potential and current customers is faster and easier than anything you’ve done before.

New leads come in hot and you want your team contacting them right away? They get automatically assigned in Skipio to different reps. Then messages begin sending immediately. By engaging right away, they start forming relationships sooner and are more likely to close sales later on.

Customer retention goes more smoothly too. Write a drip messaging campaign to share automatically with each rep and set it up so Skipio reaches out when customer contracts will be expiring. Skipio automatically reaches out from the rep’s unique number, with the messaging you wrote, so there’s no chance any customer is forgotten. Each rep is then there to continue the conversation.

Skipio helps marketing teams too. When it’s time to plan marketing campaigns and promotions, using Skipio means messages go out at the exact right time. There’s no drop-off in personalized follow-up either. They reach more people even more quickly, which means more opportunities to focus on customers and ultimately higher sales.

Teams Communicate With More People at Once

One of the biggest advantages of using Skipio to communicate will always be the number of individual conversations each person can keep going at one time.

By automating different aspects of your team’s outreach and follow-up, they start (and continue) so many more conversations than they would if they were trying to do it manually. And we mean it when we call them conversations.

With Skipio, each rep talks 1-to-1 with anyone who replies, and they do it in a way that customers want: through texting. They can save messages once to use forever and add leads to messaging campaigns that drip out follow-up messages. And if you set up up keywords, people can text in a keyword and automatically start receiving info about the related topic from specific reps.

By using Skipio on desktop and mobile, your team responds faster too, answering questions and helping customers anytime, anywhere. That means more satisfied supporters who will likely stick around longer and recommend you to others.

Plus, by routinely talking with leads and customers, you fine tune your customer retention strategy and figure out ways to make your products or services even better, all of which helps the business stay ahead of the competition.

Texting Is How People Want to Communicate

This is perhaps the simplest reason to use Skipio. People want to text you! And when you thoughtfully text them with Skipio, you will get responses. (In part because we teach you exactly how to write great messages and when to send them.)

So stop wasting time and money on inefficient communication. Because when teams don’t have the best communication tools, it costs them valuable time and effort that otherwise could have been spent actually talking with prospects and customers.

When you want to not just text but actually have genuine conversations that improve customer satisfaction and your bottom line, you need Skipio.

Learn exactly how Skipio will help your team

In this article we covered just a handful of ways that Skipio aids your sales communication. Plenty more exist too. To learn more and get a custom quote, let’s talk.