How a text marketing promotion can turn your holidays into dollar signs

When sales dipped in May 2018, Nick Gorden, the CEO of Shine Solar, needed to get his business out of the rut. So he started brainstorming ideas to jumpstart the slow month. Nick realized that Memorial Day was around the corner and started to think about what type of offer his demographic would latch onto. Ultimately, he decided on doing a text marketing promotion through Skipio to deliver the offer.

Nick came up with a great offer that was worth $900. It included a grill, cooler, canopy and a $200 gift card – everything for a perfect Memorial Day!

He sent out a single text to a few thousand leads in his database and received over 800 text responses.

Of those responses, Shine Solar sold 29 units – which equaled just over one million dollars! Talk about knowing how to optimize your lead nurturing

Now, these hugely phenomenal numbers can be somewhat credited to the market Nick is in. But it’s still very possible to see great returns for your respective business. One holiday, an amazing offer, and an extremely effective communication platform resulted in a perfect storm.

With another major holiday around the corner, let’s walk through, step by step, how you too can create the perfect storm utilizing business texting and a text marketing promotion.

A cloud labeled perfect storm with lightning bolts labeled awesome offer, perfect platform, and utilize holidays.

Take advantage of holidays

Business owners across the world know the importance and value of capitalizing on the Christmas holiday season, especially Black Friday. The Friday after Thanksgiving always proves a very profitable day, likely the most profitable day of the year for most businesses. While the origins of the name are a bit dark, it is typically understood as the day stores become profitable and “go into the black.” But it doesn’t have to start and end at Black Friday.

At least 18 other major holidays exist that businesses take advantage of. Plus, let’s not forget about the 365+ national days. I worked for a waffle company, and let me tell you, National Waffle Day was one of our biggest sale days of the year.

With a little creativity it is really possible to utilize any major event. One gym owner capitalized on the solar eclipse craze last year and ran a promotion that earned him $6,000 that one day. Never underestimate the power of random events and holidays.

Identifying holidays is the just the first step, though. The next step? Finding which ones will work for your market and identifying a strategic time frame to run the promotion. Below is a list of the 2018–2019 key dates to keep in mind as you create a timeline for your offer.

The 2018-2018 key dates for planning holiday campaigns.

Select a promotion

The recipe to a powerful offer is a great promotion that your audience and demographic will identify with. When all is said and done, the customer is interested in just one thing from your organization: value. If your sales promotion doesn’t offer your prospective clients real value, then any offer and all the targeted marketing in the world isn’t going to make your sales promotion a success. Before you start to craft that perfect offer, keep these two points in mind:

Ask yourself what kind of offer your potential customers will find most interesting.

Here are three examples of a powerful text marketing promotion in action:

Keep the offer relevant

One Salt Lake City gym owner, Blake Robinson, also ran a Memorial Day text marketing promotion. He sent out a message to his 150 members offering a free month if they paid for the next five months upfront. Having an enticing deal quickly piqued the interest of his members. Blake knew with summer coming that his clients would jump at the opportunity to get one month free.

Much like Nick, Blake kept his offer relevant to his demographic. Nick’s target audience are mainly homeowners in the Midwest, and he understood that his leads would appreciate a free grill, cooler, canopy, and gift card to kick off the summer.

Keep it short and sweet

Nearly every holiday success story and text marketing promotion we analyzed had one common thread – they kept their verbiage short and sweet. Blake made an effort to put the call to action in the first few words of his text, and he got his members’ attention in the first glance. The first 40 characters are the only ones visible when a text message preview is received, so make those characters count!

Create urgency

In Blake’s case, members acted fast. On average, it only takes someone five seconds to read a text. In the four hours after Blake sent the text, he quickly got five people to commit to pay for the next five months. Limiting the number of people receiving the deal created urgency.

According to, “Behavioral psychologists have found that human beings tend to assign greater value to things they perceive as being scarce.” In a classic study performed in 1975, researchers had participants assign perceived value to identical cookies located in two identical jars. The only difference between the two jars was that one held 10 cookies, while the other held only two. They discovered that while there was no apparent difference between the cookies or the jars, participants assigned greater value to the jar of two cookies.

When something seems limited, we naturally assign it greater value. We tend to want things we can’t have or that we fear we won’t be able to have in the near future. Humans have a keen sense of regret, and we hate missed opportunities. The best marketers learn to take advantage of this very human phenomenon by offering limited-time deals.

Use the most powerful tool in your communication arsenal

These urgent promotions were made possible because these business owners used the most effective way to communicate in this day and age – texting. I could list 158 or more reasons why texting is the most efficient way to communicate with customers, but I will limit it to three:

  1. Text messages get a response in the first 90 seconds on average. Email response time is 90 minutes. Do you want a customer response within 90 seconds or 90 minutes? When you are dealing with urgency, especially limited offers, time is of the essence.
  2. Texts have a 98% open rate, while email has an average of 22%. If you have 1,000 customers in your database, that is a difference of 760 people seeing or not seeing your incredible promotion. It all boils down to your method of communication. If you want your customer to act on your offer, they need to see your offer. You know those 800 responses Nick received from his one text message? He sent out an email to the same 7,500 leads and only received 140 responses.
  3. 89% of consumers want to use messaging to communicate with businesses. Our customers and clients practically beg us to use texting. If you want to get in touch, you need to be where your customer is – on their phone.

Plan your own promotion

There is always another holiday on the horizon. Whether you decide to offer a free grill or a month of free service, make sure to utilize holidays, have a great offer, and use the most effective communication tool in your arsenal: text messaging.

Have you been successful in marketing for the holidays?

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