With Skipio you reach more of your sales-ready leads, which helps you increase monthly sales, even with the same conversion rate.

When you communicate with potential new customers via text, you pretty much guarantee they will see your message. In addition, your message will be read faster than any other message.

The average read time for text messages is 90 seconds (for email it is 47 minutes).

When you personalize those messages, people engage even more. Make that a priority in every message you send.

Business Texting Works

A casual, conversational text from you or your business increases the likelihood of a response or action by more than 40%. In fact, on average, more people will RESPOND to your text than OPEN your email or ANSWER your phone call.

Let’s face it — email just isn’t working anymore. It’s not your fault. We’ve all moved away from our email inbox, and your customers are no different! The sad truth? Only two out of every ten emails get opened.

Call us crazy, but eight out of 10 people not reading your message sounds like a big fat waste of time and money. With these historically low open rates, emails continue to be less and less effective.

Even a personal one-on-one phone call just doesn’t make an impact like it used to. The problem with a phone call is that both the caller and receiver have to be available at the same time. The fact of the matter is that people just don’t answer the phone anymore. In fact, studies show that only 9–17% of unscheduled phone calls result in a live answer!

Not to mention the universal dislike of phone calls and the dread we all experience every time the phone rings. Wouldn’t it be great if people would text you instead?

So why can’t you “just text” your customers? Well, you can — and you should.

The Power of Business-to-Customer Texting

When was the last time you received a text message and DIDN’T read it? Probably never. Text messages have a 98% open rate, and the average text message is opened in 90 seconds or less!

45% of all text messages receive a response.

That 45% response rate makes text messaging the most effective form of business-to-customer communication.

Skipio helps you automate and optimize your lead nurturing and sales messages with campaigns. Stay engaged with potential new customers and continue to nurture the leads that don’t convert.

The ROI of Business Texting

Say we’re a gym owner, and we signed up 15 new memberships last month. On average, the fitness industry has a sales close rate of around 17%. If we divide our sales and the average conversion rate, we can work backward to get our contacted leads, which equals 88.  

Now, we can use our current method of customer communication to get our total leads or total potential new buyers for the month. Let’s say we currently reach out to our contacts via phone call and email. Phone calls have an answer rate of 13% and emails have an open rate of 20%, so let’s say we have an overall “contact rate” of 33%. Now we can divide our contact rate by our contacted leads to get our total number of leads, which comes to 266.

Stay with me here… If we take our 266 total leads and apply the 98% open rate of text messages, we have a new contacted lead number of 260. So, assuming our close rate would stay the same at 17%, our new number of sales for the month would be 45 sales!

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