Skipio’s integrations enable businesses to fully maximize their personal outreach efforts. Teams that connect Skipio to their CRM or calendar save hours every week by automatically syncing contacts and appointments. They talk to more people because of it!

This post covers Skipio’s most popular integrations and offers basic use cases. Learn why and how to connect our business text messaging platform to your current systems.

Most popular Skipio integrations

  1. Zapier: With the ability to connect to 30,000+ apps and software, Zapier ensures you can connect pretty much anything. Linking your lead flow to Zapier and then to Skipio is a surefire way to make sure you reach out to new leads as fast as possible and in the most personal way.
  2. HubSpot: Sync your contacts from your CRM to Skipio to automate sending personalized text messages. Integrating Skipio and HubSpot enables you to regularly engage with prospects and customers.
  3. Acuity: By integrating Acuity and Skipio, you automatically send appointment confirmations, reminders, and follow-up texts. Using Skipio to send these personalized text reminders helps businesses set 112% more appointments and achieve 5 times higher show rates.

Other Skipio integrations to make your job easier

Skipio also syncs with platforms like:

Want to connect to Skipio but don’t see a direct integration with software you use? We recommend using Zapier to connect multiple apps. View Skipio in the Zapier marketplace to learn more.

Why and how to use integrations with Skipio

By integrating Skipio with your systems, you streamline lead nurturing, customer engagement, and general follow-up. Just like you probably automate sales and marketing communication through email, automating your text messaging allows you to reach more people using fewer resources. And it’s way more personal than email will ever be.

Here are just three basic use cases for how these integrations benefit businesses.

  • New lead outreach: Every time a new lead gets added to your CRM, it can be automatically added to your Skipio Address Book. Then, every time a new contact is added to your Address Book, you can set certain messages to automatically send based on the status of that contact in your CRM.
  • Appointment reminders: When someone schedules a meeting on your calendar, Skipio will automatically send them confirmation, reminder, and follow-up texts.
  • Customer retention: Each time a customer’s membership or subscription is about to expire, Skipio can automatically send a text reminding them that they need to renew. Messages can continue until their status changes. There’s no service interruptions on their end and you continue getting paid.

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Have an idea for a Skipio integration?

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