We’re so excited to announce that the brand new Skipio and ClickFunnels integration is officially live.

So let’s get down to details!

What the Skipio and Clickfunnels Integration Allows You to Do

This integration, like the many other integrations we offer, allows you to automatically and directly pull in information to Skipio.

For instance, if a person fills out a lead form on your ClickFunnels landing page, their contact info will automatically be added to your Skipio address book. That lead can also be automatically added to a Skipio campaign and immediately start receiving messages from you.

With this set up, now you’re reaching out to leads with a personal text pretty much as fast as possible. And why is that useful? The faster you reach leads and start conversations with them, the more likely they are to become a customer.

How to Get the Integration

To install the integration, you need to be on the Premium plan.

If you are already a Premium Skipio user, log in to your Skipio account, click your profile icon, and choose “Integrations” from the dropdown menu. Then locate ClickFunnels in the list of available integrations.**

A step-by-step walkthrough of how to install the integration and start using it is available in the Success Center within the app.

**If you are using an older version of the ClickFunnels integration, we will be contacting you about the updated version.