You want to equip yourself, your team, and your clients with all the tools necessary to succeed. That includes communication tools. And you certainly can’t let people use email to communicate with customers.

You certainly can (and should!) get people texting though. Just not on their personal phones or with the first business texting platform you find on the market. You’ll quickly find that not every platform offers the same functionality…

These seven features enable businesses to connect with leads and customers like no other business texting platform can.

Powerful Automations

Perhaps the most basic form of text automation is message scheduling. And that’s a great and important part of text marketing and communicating with leads or customers. But if a platform’s only automation is individual message scheduling, you miss out. That’s where Skipio never falls short.

Need to improve your lead generation and nurturing? Set up Keyword Campaigns and create Contact Capture Forms.

Want to prioritize organization? With SMART Campaigns, Skipio automatically sorts contacts into separate campaigns or groups based on actions and responses within your conversation.

Laptop on a wooden table with the Skipio Success Center open. The features Skipio provides make it more than a business texting platform.

Or take message scheduling even further with Skipio’s SMART Automations.

By combining the power of SMART Campaigns with SMART Integrations (we’ll talk more about these in the next section), Skipio brings in information directly from your CRM and triggers messages to go out automatically based on people’s actions (or lack thereof). For example, automatically send out a message when someone’s on-file credit card is about to expire to prevent missed payments.

The right automations help keep businesses going when someone can’t be “on call” at all times. Even more, the right automations still allow you to step in and take over the conversation as needed. Skipio’s SMART Automations work so well because we develop them with personal connection as the foundation.

Superior Integrations

It’s essential that your core systems work together seamlessly. A business texting platform that integrates with an endless number of CRMs and other business platforms gives you more time to nurture leads, close sales, and connect with customers. Skipio does just that.

Whether it’s a simple contact sync or a means of importing customer information for custom fields, the right integrations transform your Skipio experience.

Our integrations also make SMART Automations possible and give businesses the power to connect in even more ways. By integrating with your CRM, for example, Skipio pulls in contact information to ensure every message can be as personal as you want it to be. These SMART Integrations ensure certain messages get triggered and sent based on rules that you create.

Skipio integrates with CRMs, social media platforms, calendars, and more. It's why we're more than a  business texting platform.

Customizable Messaging

People want messages to feel personal. They want you to treat them as more than just a number. In fact, 57% of consumers say that they will share their personal information with a business if that gives them personalized offers (Salesforce). By responsibly using the personal information given to you by leads and customers, you build stronger relationships and increase the lifetime value of each customer.

Skipio’s Custom Fields allow you to personalize every message whether it’s going out to 1 person or 100 people. Not only can you create custom fields within Skipio, you can use the previously mentioned integrations to pull in information specific to each person. So then you’re able to send fully personalized messages that are also fully automated.

Clear Appointment Setting

When people fail to show up for meetings and appointments, that costs businesses potentially thousands of dollars every year. Wouldn’t it be great if after you scheduled an appointment you could automatically send a confirmation?

But more than that, what if you could automatically send subsequent reminders to make sure the person actually shows up? And what about your follow-up afterward? How nice would it be if you could send that automatically as well?

That’s what you get with Skipio. You have the opportunity to create and customize reminder campaigns, complete with a series of messages from confirmation to post-appointment follow-up, specific to each appointment. In short, your reminders get people in the door.

The more people you see, the more people you convert to customers. Completely eliminating no-shows may never happen, but you sure can get close with Skipio’s help.

Efficient Event Scheduling

But some things are bigger than appointments. When planning and hosting a full-on event, you need an event-focused tool. Though who wants to create and manage events, attendees, and follow-up from a third-party page or software? That just gets you another login, another place to input and store information, and another thing to worry about.

Create an event in Skipio to directly invite contacts in your address book and share the online RSVP form across social media, via text or email, etc. to reach an even bigger audience. As people RSVP, they provide their contact information, which allows you to automatically send out reminders and follow up.

People sitting in chairs in a large lecture hall room.

Ringless Voicemail for stronger connections

Sometimes it’s great to call your customers with reminders or just to check in. But your customer base is not small enough to allow you and your team enough time to make those calls, even if you only want to leave a voicemail. You’d still spend a lot of time letting the phone ring or getting your call ignored.

With Ringless Voicemail by Skipio you bypass all of that and send messages directly to a voicemail inbox. What’s more, you get the power of Skipio’s automations, so record a single message and send it to any number of people (either now or in the future).

And if someone calls back? As long as you set up call forwarding, any calls to your Skipio number automatically get forwarded to the number you choose.

MMS & File Attachments

MMS makes up a huge part of text communication, even for businesses. If you can’t send photos, audio, or videos, just like you would straight from your personal phone, that’s already a huge disadvantage. Now, the ability to attach all sorts of other files gives you even more freedom to communicate how you want.

With Skipio, send PDFs, GIFs, and more, all from within the app. So not only can you take, record, and send photos and videos, you can add files directly from Dropbox, Google Drive, Instagram, Facebook, and more.

Skipio clearly functions as more than just a business texting platform. The whole system helps people run a business more efficiently and personally. And the integrations and automations influence nearly every feature.

Check out more of our features to discover other ways we helps businesses connect with customers, save time, and solve the follow-up problem.