When is the last time you cleaned up the contact list on your personal phone?

Full of information from old friends, coworkers, neighbors, and other random people you haven’t talked to in years, your personal address book may be a bit of a mystery.

And what about for your business? How’s that address book looking these days?

For many teams, address book maintenance presents a number of challenges. It requires a specific organizational system and you need to diligently add and remove contacts. Because of the time-consuming nature of this part of the business process, it may get procrastinated or even outright ignored at times.

So if you could automate even a portion of it, wouldn’t you?

Of course you would. And that’s the advantage of contact capture forms: automated contact addition. But here’s why that really matters for you and your business.

It Saves You Time

Sure, it doesn’t take that long to input contact information for a single person. But you probably need to add the info for more than one person each day. Think about how nice it would be if someone else could handle that for you. That “someone” doesn’t have to be a member of your team either.

With Skipio you can create shareable Contact Capture Forms. You simply give people the link to your form and let them do the work. Obviously they’ve memorized all their important information and will be able to share it with you in an instant.

Also think about situations when you need to gather information from a lot of people at once. Trade shows, speaking engagements, and networking events suddenly seem a whole lot easier, right?

It would be great if you could personally talk with everyone right at that moment and take down the info of anyone interested in doing business with you, but it’s just not possible. With a contact capture form, you provide a single link and in a fraction of the time you’ll have everyone’s info saved.

In every situation you’re more free to enjoy the moment and keep talking. You’re also immediately ready to continue those conversations later via text.

You Won’t Make Any Typos

Misspelling someone’s name is a small blunder that can lead to big consequences. When your priority is personalized communication — and obviously it is — you can’t afford to misspell names.

When someone types out their own information, it’s much less likely they’ll make any mistakes, whether that’s with their name, email address, or any other personal information. So send them the form and let them do the rest.

Letting them provide their own information also ensures each message you send to them includes their preferred name. Plus, you don’t even have to go through any awkward conversations to find out!

You Redirect People to a Page You Choose

With a contact capture form, you start the relationship nurturing process immediately. Once someone fills out their info in the form, Skipio redirects them to a website of your choice.

Want them to sign up for a consult? Link to your calendar. Read about your company’s history? Send them to your “about” page. “Like” your business on Facebook? Take them right there.

Share your form

An example of a Skipio contact capture form

Now, that’s all well and good, but how do you get people your contact capture forms? Yes, you could save a shareable link to text to people, but that sort of defeats the purpose. The easiest way is to create a Keyword Campaign, which then allows you to automate the whole process.

With a Keyword Campaign, you just share a keyword and your Skipio number. And you of course set up the campaign to automatically send a contact capture form to anyone whose information isn’t already in your address book.

So, let’s say you create a Keyword Campaign with the associated keyword “SPRING19” for a special offer. When someone texts “SPRING19” to your Skipio number, they get placed in the associated campaign.

If you already have their info, they simply start receiving campaign messages. If you don’t have their info, they’ll receive the contact capture form and then the regular campaign messages.

Contact capture forms are just one way to improve the address book maintenance process. But this small addition saves you time and improves your follow-up. When you simplify staying in touch, you connect with more people and grow your business.