What is a Text Message Subscriber?

A text message subscriber is someone who has opted in or given permission to receive text messages from a business. 

The key here is the concept of “opting-in.” Text message marketing relies on user consent. Subscribers actively choose to receive messages from a company they’re interested in. 

This creates a more engaged audience, with studies showing open rates for text messages to be significantly higher than emails.

For your business, building a strong text subscriber list is a great way to connect directly with customers who want to hear from you. For subscribers, it’s a convenient way to stay informed about promotions and updates they care about.

The Opt-In Process

Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), you must get prior written consent (opt-in) before texting anyone. This opt-in makes sure that subscribers actually want to receive messages and helps you comply with legal requirements.

If you text non-subscribers without consent, you’re illegally texting and are likely to have your messages blocked and receive fines. 

Here are some common ways to get people to join your text subscriber list:

  • Web Forms: Adding a sign-up form on a website where visitors can enter their mobile number and give consent to subscribe.
  • Physical Form: Collecting phone numbers in person or at the point of sale with a clear explanation of what they are signing up for. 
  • Social Media and Email: Promoting the text message subscription option through social media posts or email newsletters.

Regardless of how you collect permission to text people, you must keep proof of this consent for at least five years.

Why Text Message Subscribers Are Valuable

Text message subscribers are incredibly valuable to businesses for several reasons:

More Messages get Opened and Engaged with

Text message subscribers open, read, and engage with texts more than any other communication method. Text messages have an open rate of around 98%, with most messages being read within minutes of being delivered. Simply put, if you want your message to be read and acted upon, text it. 

It’s Easier to Build a Personal Connection

Unlike other forms of communication, text messages are less likely to be ignored, deleted, or lost in an inbox. Because texts are a direct line of communication between leads and customers, you build stronger relationships that make recipients feel valued and appreciated. This leads to an increase in customer loyalty and brand affinity.

Higher Conversion Rates

Due to their high engagement levels, text campaigns often lead to higher conversion rates. Whether driving traffic to a website, encouraging in-store visits, or promoting limited-time offers, text messages are highly effective in prompting immediate action from subscribers.

This immediacy and directness of texts make it a powerful tool for driving conversions and achieving marketing goals.

Building and Maintaining a Subscriber List

To see the benefits of text message marketing, focus on building and maintaining a healthy subscriber list. Here are some strategies to achieve this:

Offer Value

Incentivize sign-ups with special discounts, early access to sales, information, or valuable content. Clearly communicate the benefits of subscribing upfront to attract more sign-ups. 

Offering real value increases the likelihood of people opting in, giving your business a steady stream of engaged contacts.

Balance Message Frequency

Respect your subscribers’ time by finding a balance in message frequency. Over-messaging can lead to unsubscribes, while too few messages may result in lost interest.  Finding the right balance keeps engagement high without overwhelming your audience.

Segment and Personalization

Segment your text subscriber list based on demographics, purchase history, past communications, interests, etc. This allows you to send targeted and personalized messages to your subscribers. Personalized texts resonate more with recipients, making them more likely to actually engage with your messages. 

Provide an Easy Opt-Out Process

While keeping subscribers is important, respecting their choice if they opt out is equally important. Make the opt-out process simple and hassle-free. Making this process a positive experience helps keep a good brand image and leaves the door open for future re-engagement.

Start Building Your Text Message Subscriber List

Text message subscribers are a valuable asset for any business looking to boost its communication and marketing efforts. By understanding the importance of the opt-in process and strategies for building and maintaining a subscriber list, you can effectively use text messaging to engage with your audience. 

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