woman texting at desk - 10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Text Campaigns

Text message marketing is a powerful way to reach your audience and promote your business, but it’s important to do it right. 

Here’s 10 common mistakes to avoid when creating your next text campaigns.

1. Not Obtaining Consent

You must have consent from your recipients to text them. Sending unsolicited messages could lead to legal consequences such as hefty fines and damage your brand’s reputation. Make sure you have a clear and transparent opt-in process where users willingly subscribe to receive your messages. 

By obtaining consent and getting opt-ins, you ensure that your messages comply with anti-spam regulations such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and that your recipients are actually interested in receiving your messages. 

2. Ignoring Opt-Out Requests

Providing a straightforward opt-out option is a legal requirement and important for maintaining a positive brand image. Neglecting to honor opt-out requests leads to customer dissatisfaction and potential legal consequences.

3. Excessive Texts

Bombarding customers with an excessive number of texts is annoying. It leads to people opting-out and customer dissatisfaction. Find a balance between staying relevant and overloading your audience, ensuring your messages are valuable and timely.

4. Long and Unclear Messages

Keep your messages concise and to the point. Avoid lengthy texts that may overwhelm recipients. If you need to send a longer message, that’s when you send an email. A clear and concise text message is more likely to capture attention and cause people to take action.

5. Neglecting Personalization

Neglecting personalization makes your texts feel generic and robotic, reducing their impact. Address customers by their names to create a sense of personal connection. Leverage the data you have about your customers to create targeted and relevant content that speaks directly to their needs and preferences. Segment your audience based on demographics, purchase history, and behavior to tailor your messages accordingly.

6. Ignoring Time Zones

Timing is everything in text marketing. Sending messages at inappropriate hours or disregarding time zones causes recipients to opt out. Be considerate and respectful of your customers and send messages during appropriate times when they’re more likely to be receptive. Doing this not only improves customer satisfaction but also helps you to maximize engagement.

7. Neglecting a Call-to-Action (CTA)

Every text should have a clear and compelling CTA that guides recipients on what action to take next. Whether it’s urging subscribers to take advantage of a limited-time discount, participate in a contest, or visit your store, a well-defined CTA motivates recipients to take the desired action. Make sure your CTAs are concise, actionable, and stand out within the message. A well-written CTA boosts response rates and helps achieve your campaign’s objectives. 

8. Not Offering Value

Your text messages should always provide something of value to your customers, whether it’s a special offer, exclusive content, or an important update. Offering value encourages customer engagement and brand loyalty, giving them a reason to stay subscribed to your text list. Avoid sending messages solely to stay in touch; make sure each communication has a purpose that benefits the recipient.

9. Using Slang or Jargon

Keep your language clear and straightforward. Using excessive slang or industry-specific jargon alienates some recipients who may not understand the terminology. Word your messages in a way that sounds natural. 

10. Sending Only Promotional Messages

Constantly bombarding your audience with sales pitches leads to message fatigue. Create a balance by also sending messages with informational or entertaining content that is relevant to your business. 

Create Effective Text Marketing Campaigns

Avoiding these common mistakes, you create effective text message marketing campaigns that engage your audience, build positive relationships, and drive results.

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