As a company, you can never generate too many leads. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 company. One of the main questions we get here at Skipio is, “How can I use texting for lead generation?” Luckily for you, there are many ways to capture leads by text.

Before we dive into all the possibilities Skipio offers, it’s important that you understand how to capture lead information from “keywords” using texting. If you can understand this process, then your imagination will take you on a journey through unlimited possibility.

Capture a Full Lead From a Text

As a marketer, you might initially think that you’re only able to capture a random phone number from a customer texting in. With Skipio Keywords, that’s not the case! When a customer texts in and you don’t have their contact information, Skipio gets it for you! A message will automatically be sent that says something like, “Hey, it looks like I don’t have your contact info. Could you please make sure I have your correct details?” and they see a form like this:

Skipio will collect leads that you can then place into lead nurturing campaigns. Think of the possibilities! Are your creative juices flowing about how you could implement this?

Here’s an example. You’re an author with a hit book. It’s on its way to being a New York Times Best Seller. It’s selling at Barnes and Noble and across airports nationwide. You want to connect with your audience, but you don’t know anything about them.

All you have to do is include a graphic on the front or back cover of your book that says, “Text ‘Book Title’ to 888-888-8888 To Receive A Special Message From The Author.” Now you’re getting contact information from all your book buyers! Imagine how much easier it’s going to be to get in touch with your fans to sell your sequel.

Are you getting the vision? You can have lead capture campaigns going all over the place. With that background, let’s dive into some examples of how to capture leads by text.

Online Examples of Keywords

Landing pages and websites 

With so much of the traffic mix going towards mobile, it just makes sense to have your “call to action” be a request to text in. Your customers are already used to texting, so take advantage! 

Social media

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. They’re huge for a reason. Users spend so much time on these sites, and they can be powerful. It’s digital word of mouth. So if you’re not using a keyword call to action, you’re missing out.

PPC advertising 

Platforms like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are built off a cost-per-click basis. By having a strong call to action as a text keyword, you can actually have users text in and generate a lead without needing them to click your ad, hence free lead generation.

Whitepapers and ebooks 

Whitepapers and ebooks are a perfect opportunity to generate leads with text. At Skipio, we use keywords to distribute our ebooks, such as “You can get a copy of our ebook by texting “boss” to 858-244-2999.” Inside our ebook, we have different keywords as calls to action for those interested in signing up for Skipio. Translate these methods to your business and there’s a world of possibility.

Yelp reviews

Customers are finding your business sometimes without even visiting your website. Sites like Yelp provide reviews about your business from customers. When you provide Yelp with a short description of your company, you could include a Skipio Keyword. You could give a 10% discount to your customers if they post a review and use a certain keyword in the review. You could even give them a text with the link to your menu. Get creative with keywords and see how easy it can be to generate leads.

Google reviews

Google now has a feature that allows customers to leave a review about your business for others to see. You have a short description that you’re allowed to broadcast – a perfect spot to use a Skipio Keyword for lead generation. Try something new like, “Text ‘keyword’ to get a 10% discount” or “Text ‘Keyword’ to get your first clue to our scavenger hunt.”

Offline Examples


You can get a great deal for outdoor advertising. Imagine being a carpet cleaner, realtor, or restaurant owner and having a billboard advertising your brand while also generating leads. Do something playful, share a video of your demonstration, or give something out for free when they text in. With whatever you choose, your brand gets exposure and you get more leads.


If you have a ton of employees or do a lot of trade shows, you can put a keyword on T-shirts to get more exposure. When someone sees the shirt and texts in, you have their information as a new lead. If there are too many people at an event to talk to, let them do the work for you by texting the keyword.

Flyers, handouts, pin boards

Say you’re starting up a mud run race company and you want to get the word out to all the “Mud Runners” in a certain area. One way is to go to a competitor race and leave a flyer on each of their cars while they’re out running the race. But what if you had a Skipio Keyword on that flyer and you were able to compile a database of the all the runners? That way when your race is coming out you can text them all the details and reminders of the upcoming event. You can do that with any flyers now or even on a local pin board with the tear sheets. No more manual efforts!

Booths and trade shows

If you’re doing an event and your booth is slammed, you can have a Skipio Keyword that will capture the lead information of users who just don’t want to talk to someone right then but still want to get more information. What is even more powerful is the ability to follow up. Once they text in, you can keep in touch with them. How many times have we walked away from an event and just lost a big deal because of our lack of followup?

These are only a few of the ways you can utilize texting as a lead generation tool and optimize your lead nurturing. When you capture leads via text, you streamline a huge part of your business process.

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