Are you living in 1950 or 2017?

The year is 1950 and you’re at your first Formula 1 race. It’s a beautiful day as you listen to the roar of the engines race around the track. Formula 1 represents the best of the best. The cars are finely tuned and the drivers have nerves of steel. As you watch these jet engines on wheels hug the turns, you find yourself smiling. It’s midway through the race and time for the pit stop. You see the cars pull into the pit, a crew jumps out to change the tires, clean the windshield, and get things ready for the last half of the race. It takes the crew 67 seconds to get everything done.

It’s 1950 — and you’re just amazed by how fast the crew is able to get them in and out.

Fast forward to 2017 . The Formula 1 cars are faster and better performing of course, but what is even more amazing is the difference in the pit stop crew. They are in and out in 5 seconds or less. In a sport where every second counts, that difference is astronomical.

Can you imagine just how big of a disadvantage race teams would have now if they never improved on what they did 50+ years ago in the pit stop? You’d never have a chance to win a race now! You wouldn’t get any sponsors and you’d be pushed out of the circuit. It wouldn’t matter if you had the best driver in the world, if you’re not updating your technology/pit crew you’re going to lose.

With Skipio, you can jump out of the 1950s and into the future. Skipio is going to upgrade your pit crew, save you time, and increase your revenue in the following ways:

Rethink Manpower

Traditionally, in order to connect with your customers you would need manpower and hours of work. To create a real connection with your customers, you need to connect with them 7-10 times per year. It’s too hard to do that without the proper tools. Skipio cuts down your need for so much manpower because of its simplicity and effectiveness. Plus, when you add in the automation, you get so much more bang for your buck!

With Skipio, sending a text to 1 person is the same as sending a text to 5,000 people; no additional about a pit crew upgrade!

One customer said, “Skipio has been life changing! I will be shouting it from the mountain tops! Last week Skipio allowed me to spend an additional 12 hours with my family! It’s not just a time saver, it’s a life saver!”

Automate Consistency

The old saying still holds true, “If you’re out of sight you’re out of mind.” Most companies feel good sending 1-3 follow up messages with their customers via email. They think that’s enough. That customer just becomes a another name in a database. No real relationship or experience happens at all.

Skipio campaigns allow you to keep a consistent stream of follow-up messages to your customers through text. Texting receives a much higher response than traditional marketing outlets and with Skipio, consistent follow up is just a click away.

Keep It Simple

One of the biggest struggles businesses have with follow up is knowing what to say. It’s easy to get caught in analysis paralysis thinking about graphics, images, and the content of an email follow-up campaign. Follow-up texting campaigns allow you to keep the messages simple and sincere. Skipio has pre-built, follow-up campaigns that you can use and change to fit your style.

Integrate Systems

With today’s technology, following up can be the least stressful part of business when done right. Integrating systems lets follow-up happen automatically without much thinking on your part. Sync with Skipio to get data from your CRM into Skipio to automate follow-up and other tasks.

It’s time to join the mobile revolution and upgrade your pit crew. It can be the difference between a dying or thriving business. Skipio gets you back to doing what you do best, which is running your business.

Get started with Skipio today!