With so many communication methods out there, how do you determine which method best reaches your audience? We want to throw one more your way — voicemail drops. 

What Is a Voicemail Drop?

A voicemail drop is a direct-to-voicemail technology to send prerecorded voice messages to a client’s voicemail box, without ringing their phones. It’s a powerful marketing and customer service tool that saves time and increases your chances of being heard. Here’s why voicemail drops should be part of your marketing and customer communication plan:

Almost 85% of your phone calls or customer retention calls never reach a live person

90% of Americans own phones but only 25% of them pick up calls from unknown numbers? They may resist answering the phone, but the average American checks their phone 85 times per day for a notification. And did you know that only 12% of unscheduled calls go answered?

A voicemail drop represents the perfect way to reach your customers without provoking any dreaded resentment.

The average American will check their phone 85 times per day.

70% of executives say that they prefer to not pick up calls as they are not prepared for unexpected questions that would take up their time

Bad timing often gets in the way of communicating with the people you need to communicate the most. A voicemail drop allows you to reach your audience at a time that is convenient for them.

40% of North Americans sleep next to their phones.

People love to look at their phones before bed and first thing in the morning. With automated ringless voicemail, your soothing voice can be the first thing they hear in the morning or the last thing they hear at night. 

Voicemails have a 96% listening rate compared to a 15% rate of reaching a live person.

Who doesn’t love hearing a voice now and again? Whether it’s your insurance agent, your mother, or the love of your life, a voicemail is basically like having a conversation – except it is a conversation you get to have on your own time. Unlike a text message, when you hear a voice, you can also get a sense of someone’s mood. A voicemail drop lets your clients know just how friendly you are – and just how much you want to do business with them.

Get 1,998 minutes of your life back.

The average business call lasts just over two minutes. If you have a minimum of 25 people that you need to follow up with each week a minimum of 40 weeks per year, that’s 2,000 minutes per year that you are spending on the phone.

Think about the times when you have had to call 10, 20, or 100 contacts for a quick reminder or update. Manually dialing each number, letting it ring until voicemail, and repeating the same message over and over proves exhausting.

Save time and money by automating these reminders. The power of a voicemail drop allows you to record your message once and send it to all of your contacts at a time that is convenient for them. Record it once; use it forever!

Want to calculate just how much time you will save with R in your marketing arsenal? Try our ROI Calculator.

It’s amazing how many minutes you can get back into your life with one little feature added to your business process!